Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CSI J-Town

All was quiet on The Avenue last night. The cats were caged in the garage to keep them from getting into the trap. I slept soundly and undisturbed by any raccoon carcasses falling through my bedroom ceiling.

Upon inspecting the trap this morning, it too was undisturbed. As were the garbage cans and the soffit was still in place.

But wait, what's this? Houdini, I mean Henry is not in his cage! I consulted Grissom Whynot and he suggested that maybe it wasn't a raccoon at all. Maybe it was Henry we heard in the attic. After all, the prime suspect is always the first one at the crime scene and Henry was out there with us Monday night.

I'm relieved that it may not have been a 50 lb rodent like critter up there, but Henry WTF! That's equivalent to biting the hand that feeds you. Keep it up and I'll snip more than your balls.

Anyone want a cat?


I've been neglecting my Google Reader and even worse, I've been doing what I hate the most....LURKING. I have so many blogs to catch up on and so much to do around The Avenue, so please forgive me. I'll leave a generic comment below for all of you and you can cut and paste if you'd like. Just know that I love you all a whole bunch.



Great post as usual. I so enjoy your daily antics and look forward to reading your blog entries. Thanks for making me smile today.


Question for you......

Would you be interested in my sharing some great deals I find online? Or do you pretty much already see them as you surf the web? Because sometimes I come across a few that make me so excited that I soil myself.

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Debz said...

Well, I hate that your being allowed to soil yourself while the rest of us are bone dry, so share the wealth, or the soil. Eeeww! I don't want your soil. Forget I said that.

And I will say raccoons can take a while to catch - so leave that trap up there. DO not assume it was not a raccoon. I speak from experience here. LEAVE the CAGE!

Leah said...

oy, hope you figure out the cat/racoon deal soon...

and yes, please, share good deals you find online!!

Kaci said...

You are so fired! :)

And heck yes share dim puppies!

And poor kitty...LOL!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind lurkers. I figure - I'd rather have someone read my blog and enjoy it (comment or not) and come back to read another day.

It's much better than having someone stop by to leave a comment because they feel they HAVE to.

Reading blogs should be an enjoyable task - not a chore. :-D Don't feel bad about not commenting, at least on my site, I consider it 110% optional!

PS - good deals are ALWAYS great to share, so please do!

Jenni said...

I do not want your cat! Please do not mail him to me! :-D

Unknown said...

I'll take the deals, but you must keep the cat!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

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