Thursday, March 21, 2013

Homemade Febreze

I'm cheap!

And I have three dogs!

And I love a clean smelling house!

Like a Febreze smelling house!

Did I say I was cheap?


So $5 a pop on Febreze isn't going to fly!

Even with coupons, that's a crazy price!

Especially when you can make it yourself!

It's easy!

And cheap!

You'll need:

1/8 cup of fabric softener (Downy will make it smell most like Febreze)
2 tablespoons Baking Soda
Hot water
Spray bottle (the old Febreze bottle is perfect)
A funnel

Grab the funnel, measure the fabric softener and baking soda and dump it into the funnel that you're now holding over the open spray bottle into your spray bottle. It's going to clog :( Use the the straw attached to the sprayer part and unclog that sucker. Turn on the faucet and fill the spray bottle with hot tap water, screw the top back on and then shake well. Voila! You just made Febreze for a lot less than the store bought!

(I found this recipe on the internet, if you don't like it, you can find a bunch of others or you can adjust it to your liking. More fabric softener, more baking soda, different fabric softener. This is just one I tried and I like.)
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Life . . .

. . . has sucked the blogging out of me!

It's been a month, no one has sent out a search party. Do I have any followers anymore? My numbers are so low. Ask me if I care. (I do sort of)

I made the Red Tricycle Mom Blogger List today. Someone still loves me. Maybe.

Catholics have a new Pope today! Francis I.I already like him better than ExBenedict, (read eggs Benedict)

Guide him Heavenly Father to be a Pope for the people, a Pope of the New World, for the New World.

More thoughts for today:

Drs, hard as they try, just don't have a sense of humor nor do they get sarcasm. They're all business. Except for my Kate, but then she's not a full fledged Dr. Must be why I love her so.

Don't go to Target during the week when big kids are in school, unless you want to hear eleventy sixteen screaming toddlers. Oh my nanny! Do moms go there with screamers to keep their own sanity while driving the rest of us bat shit crazy?

When you have to wait a half hour at that same Target for your prescription, it's better to spend the $1.49 on popcorn to keep your preschooler happy than walking through the books where he will most definitely fling himself on the floor in an epic tantrum. He was much happier looking out the window at the parking lot eating popcorn in a swivel chair. Money well spent.

Now it's your turn . . .  whoever may still be out there. Ask me a question, or 12. I'll answer almost anything. Lotto predictions, weather, good eats. So go for it and I'll answer in my next post, hopefully in less than one month.

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