Monday, January 31, 2011

When Old is New Again

See those jeans?  I had a pair almost identical in high school.  Circa 1977.  Single digit size.  High rise waist, straight through the hips and wide flare legs.  Let's not forget the skinny belt and oh what the hell toss in some espadrille sandals too, why don't we.  Apparently it will be all the rage in haute couture again this spring.

I just want to know, if we're bringing back the old jeans, can I get my high school body back too?

I won't even miss the boobs.
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Get Ready for Monster Trucks!

In a few weeks, we'll pack up the caravan and head up northwest to the Allstate Arena, for Monster Jam; where over 100 trucks, including Grave Digger, will compete at this roaring event.  Every time TOF sees the commercial he mentions how much he'd like to go see the monster trucks.  Unknown to him, Mema has already secured tickets and is actively searching online for protective ear covers.

 Here's a few fun facts about those trucks:

  • At Monster Jam, monster trucks face off in two different forms of competition -- side-by-side racing and freestyle.
  • 2007 was the 25 year anniversary for the Grave Digger Team
  • More than 4 million Monster Jam fans attend events each year worldwide
  • The World Finals in Las Vegas, NV brings 24 of the top trucks in the world to compete for the World Freestyle and Racing Championships. Competitors are by invitation only.
  • A monster truck race team will travel 45,000 Miles / 72,400 kilometers a year by land to attend events.
  • Typical monster trucks cost $600,000 yearly to build, staff, compete, transport and maintain on the Monster Jam tour.
  • Steel body full-size cars are the vehicles typically crushed during a monster truck event.
  • Cars, as well as vans, buses, motor homes, airplanes and ambulances, are attained from local junkyards and returned after each event.
  • Average number of cars crushed per year: 3,000.

The show will run Friday February 11 at 7:30, Saturday February 12 at 2 and 7:30, and Sunday February 13 at 2 and 7:30.

Kid's tickets are $10 all weekend, and all tickets are only $10 on Friday night.  To save 33% on adult tickets Saturday and Sunday use the promo code MOM at, the Allstate Arena box office, or by calling 1-800-745-3000. Enter the code in the “MC Promotions Box” on Ticketmaster. Offer only valid on $20 mid-level seats. Not valid the day of the show. Service charges and handling fees may apply. No double discounts.
Disclaimer: My family will receive complimetary tickets to attend Monster Jam. 
I received no monetary compensation and the opinions are my own.
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Calculus Might Be a Problem

When the north wind blows and fluffy white snow covers our backyard, outdoor play is nixed by this frigophobic Mema.  Instead, my grandsons and I find ourselves discovering new ways to amuse ourselves in the warmth of our cozy playroom.

We build forts, climb through tunnels, don our super hero capes and jump off tall skyscrapers.  (Which to the untrained eye may only appear to be ordinary storage containers.)  In a large bowl, I’ve brought real snow indoors  to squish between our fingers and even rolled up mismatched socks to use as snowballs.

The goal is to have fun while learning!

Please head over to The Chicago Moms to read why I may have a little trouble when the math gets more advanced.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Disney On Ice Presents Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3-Review

We have not been to a Disney on Ice production since Glitter Gurl was oh, about 9 or 10 and at the time the show was all about The Little Mermaid.  So now that TOF is old enough to enjoy these things, translated as-sits through a show without causing any ruckus like his little brother did at the circus, who BTW wasn't invited this time I was very excited to learn that this year's theme was Toy Story 3.  I haven't seen the entire movie yet, just bits and pieces here and there, but TOF has seen it several times and he just loves it!

We had tickets for opening night at the Allstate Arena and our timing was perfect.  J-Town was blessed with an additional 3-4 inches of fluffy white stuff the following afternoon and between the snow and traffic we would have had a serious dilemma.  Augie Dawgs and Whynot both have long commutes and we might have missed the show entirely.  So if it had to snow, I'm so glad it snowed the day after.

As we settled in to our seats I was very excited to see what was in store for us.  I love ice skating.  Strike that.  I now love to watch ice skaters, they're so graceful and glide with such ease.  I used to skate, now the fear of breaking a leg or hip keeps me off skates.  TOF's eyes grew large as the vendors walked around with sno-cones, popcorn and cotton candy.  There was no clue yet as to what the show was, and we hadn't told him-so that we could see his reaction.  He lit up like a Christmas tree when he saw Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Goofy during the intro and had a huge grin on his face when the green army guys were followed by none other than Buzz and Woody and the rest of the Toy Story gang!

For 40 minutes we were entertained by dazzling routines and flashing lights.  Interrupted only by the people to our right, who apparently have no clue about sitting still during a show and continued to get up and leave repeatedly during the entire performance.  Highly annoying...

After a brief intermission, where I mingled with some bloggy friends, the plot thickened as we learned of the toys plight at Sunnyside Day Care.  I won't ruin it for you, go see the show!  But I will tell you this-Barbie and her friends were super adorable with their skate covers that looked like pink stilettos.  And Glitter Gurl pointed out that Barbie's outfit didn't sparkle as much as the other fashion dolls.


TOF loved all the scenes involving Buzz and Woody, but was especially captivated by Lots- O and Stretch's evil plan to capture the toys and lock them up.  The part he liked least was when Barbie cried and the fact that his mommy wouldn't buy him two treats.  He wanted cotton candy and ice cream, and was forced to choose only one-cotton candy.  Good choice TOF, because we can have ice cream anytime, but cotton candy is synonymous with special times.

Toy Story 3 is definitely a special time that I highly recommend to all of you.  It's currently at Allstate Arena until Sunday and then moves to the United Center on February 2nd through the 13th.  Discounted tickets are available by using promotional code MOM when purchasing tickets at the Allstate Arena or United Center Box Offices, or by calling 1-800-745-3000.

Disclaimer:  I received complimentary show tickets from Feld Entertainment and I'd like to add a personal note of thanks to Christine, for accommodating my last minute request, you're the best!  I received no other compensation and the opinions are my own, with a little help from my pal TOF. 
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

On Naps and Napping

The other night, while helping my hair stylist's mother make some changes on their website, I had a very interesting conversation with her.

When do you have time to do all this computer stuff?

Augie Dawgs and I replied in unison...during nap time!

Nap time is sacred to me.  It's non-negotiable.  It's my time.

I'm up every weekday morning around 5:30ish.  TOF and TC arrive around 6ish.  They go right back to bed and I savor the quiet of the too early morning.

Around 8ish TOF wakes up (TC sleeps until 9:30) and then it's time for breakfast, getting dressed, lots of playing, reading, and being silly.  We break for lunch, and after potty and hand washing I walk TOF down the driveway to his school bus.  I return to clean TC up and change his diaper and's nap time.

A solid two and a half hours where I can recompose, regroup, and regenerate.  In those two and a half hours I scurry to catch up ever so slightly in my bursting at the seams Google Reader, maybe even write a blog post.  I'll linger on Facebook, reading status updates and playing a game or thirty seven of Bejeweled.

It's in some of these status updates that I realize how truly blessed I am.  The words are all a little different, but the message they convey is the same.  My kid won't nap!  And I think to myself ,wow, that really stinks.  I cannot imagine spending the days with a non-napper.  Glitter Gurl was (and at 23 she still is) a great sleeper, she napped the year she was in morning kindergarten and then went to bed at 8pm.  Both boys are amazing sleepers.  At almost 5, TOF will at least still rest on the couch, without the TV on, for about 1 1/2 hours on non school days.  He often falls asleep during that rest and if he doesn't he quietly asks how many more minutes until he can get up.

I know these naps won't last forever, but I am enjoying them so much while I can.

How will I get anything done without naps?
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Staring at the Ceiling AGAIN!

Stoopid perimenopause!

The week, or two, or four, before my period are the absolute worst.  The hot flashes, which lead to waking up and lying there drenched in a pool of sweat until the anxiety kicks in so badly that I just get up rather than toss and turn for a few more hours.

Yesterday, I finally got to bed around 11:15.  We had gone out for dinner and then made a generous contribution at the local casino.  Around 2ish I started to feel like someone had turned the furnace up to about 400 degrees.  Why is that sensation never around at 2 PM when my feet and hands are so cold that I fear frostbite developing?

Long and slightly depressing post starts now.

Yesterday was Tuesday, January 25th.  Cindy O's birthday if I remember correctly and also Jennifer D's birthday.  It was also the 14th anniversary of my father's death.  I never forget.  It's written on the calendar.  I think of that day often and I wish I had the gift to write some really beautiful words to preserve my memories.  But my memories are sketchy.

My parents moved to Florida in 1987.  We visited when we could, never often enough.  I think I last spoke to my dad on the phone the Tuesday or Wednesday before he passed.  He'd had a stroke a month before, on December 22nd.  My mother's birthday.  Looking back, I find that very fitting.  He'd spent some time in a nursing home, again sketchy memories.  We spoke and his speech was slow and slurred.  My mom said he wasn't really eating.  By Thursday of that same week my mother called and said if I wanted to see him I should come quickly.

Stoopid airlines.  Even a bereavement flight was way more than I could afford for myself and my two kids.  We had no choice but to drive.  I prayed I would make it to Melbourne in time.  Whynot came home from work early, he shoved a wad of cash in my hands and said go.  I think he'd cashed a check, or borrowed the money or robbed some panhandler on his way home.

I threw some things together, picked the kids up from school early and the three of us were on our way about 1ish.  I think this was the Florida trip that about an hour from home I realized that Glitter Gurl had boots on and I didn't pack any other shoes.  Yippee, quick detour to some Walmart in the back hills of Tennessee later that evening.

I drove to somewhere south of Atlanta, maybe Valdosta and we stopped for the night.  I couldn't sleep.  I woke the kids up after only a couple of hours and we were back on the road.  There was nothing eventful about the trip, except the bridge in Jacksonville looked extremely high this time.  I hate bridges!

I remember stopping at Dairy Queen for ice cream, but little else.

It was about 3, or maybe 4:30 or 6:30 when we finally arrived in Melbourne.  My dad barely held on, he was in a sort of semi coma and no longer speaking.  I can't even remember if his eyes were open.  We all watched Wheel of Fortune in his bed.  I held his hand and told him it was OK to go.  That I'd miss him, but that he could go now.   I often wonder what would have happened had I asked him to hang on.

Around 3ish my mom quietly came into the room I was sharing with Glitter Gurl and whispered, he's gone.  I jumped out of bed and the long agonizing day began.  Hospice had left instructions on what to do when the time came.  The sheriff had to be called, paramedics and finally the funeral director.  The house was abuzz, people asking questions, collecting prescription bottles ( I guess it's protocol when there is a death in a home)  The funeral director was doing his thing in my parent's bedroom and I remember hearing the sound of a very loud staple gun, I dared not ask.  Still have no idea, it's probably better that way.  All this noise and my kids, then 9 and 12 never woke up.  Thank goodness.

I was in a fog and there were no tears.  There wouldn't be any for me until I came home over a week later.  Crazy, no?

So yesterday when I woke up, I thought of my dad.  I still talk to him too.  And I said some prayers.  Should you even pray for dead people?  I mean they're dead, is it going to help?  I have no doubt my dad is in Heaven, he lived with my mother for nearly forty years.  Besides, he always sends me pennies from heaven.

But yesterday, there were no pennies.  Not one single penny on the ground to make me smile.  Yesterday, there was no secret message from daddy...until we were walking back to our car in the parking lot of the casino.  There on the car parked directly next to mine was my message.  The license plates... MZ U DAD.  I swear to God!


Miss you daddy, RIP.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Toy Story 3 Comes to Chicago This Week!


Disney on Ice is coming to the Allstate Arena on Wednesday January 26th and we're going!

It'll be TOF's first ice show.  I hope he'll be as excited as I am.

I know that Glitter Gurl is excited.  Because of her work schedule, she often doesn't get the chance to attend these events, but she's cleared her evening and can't wait to see Buzz, Woody and the gang.

Selfish bunch that we are, we've opted to leave TC home with his Dahddee.  He's a handful to put it mildly.  Cute, but a handful.

There are still tickets available for both the Allstate Arena January 26th-30th and the United Center February 2nd-13th.

Purchase a 4-pack of tickets for only $44 (Valid Monday-Thursday and
Friday Matinees, excluding holidays) and save $4 on all weekend shows
by logging onto and entering the coupon code:

Disney On Ice presents Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 3 in the Chicagoland area at:

Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL

January 26-30, 2011

Wed, Jan 26 7:00PM

Thu, Jan 27 7:00PM

Fri, Jan 28 10:30AM,7:00PM

Sat, Jan 29 11:30AM, 3:30PM, 7:00PM

Sun, Jan 30 11:30AM, 3:30PM, 7:00PM+


United Center in Chicago, IL

February 2-13, 2010

Wed, Feb 2 7:00PM

Thu, Feb 3 10:30AM, 7:00PM

Fri, Feb 4 10:30AM, 7:00PM

Sat, Feb 5 11:30AM, 3:30PM, 7:00PM

Sun, Feb 6 11:30AM, 3:00PM+

Wed, Feb 9 7:00PM

Thu, Feb 10 10:30AM, 7:00PM

Fri, Feb 11 10:30AM, 7:00PM

Sat, Feb 12 11:30AM, 3:30PM, 7:00PM

Sat, Feb 13 11:30AM, 3:30PM, 7:00PM

The United Center is pleased to offer free parking during Disney on Ice Presents Pixar's Toy Story 3. Please visit their Parking Information page for details.

+ Spanish Language Shows.

*Use promotional code MOM when purchasing tickets at the Allstate Arena or United Center Box Offices, or by calling 1-800-745-3000. Enter Code in the “MC Promotions Box” on Ticketmaster.

Minimum purchase of 4 tickets required. Not valid on Front Row or VIP seats. No double discounts. Service charges and handling fees may apply. Discount not valid on Front Row or VIP seats.

Disclaimer: As a Feld Family Activator, my family and I
received tickets to attend Toy Story 3.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Stuffed with Love Giveaway

Just my luck, we finally took down the naked Christmas tree and now I find these oh so very adorable, would make the perfect Valentine's Day tree topper, Build-A-Bears.

I must have a Sweet Hearts Love Bear, or a Beary Cute Love Bug boy or girl, or maybe even all three of them!

Would you like a new furry friend for yourself or for a special Valentine?  Well you're in luck, I just happen to have a $25 gift card to giveaway. 

To enter :

Leave me a comment telling me who you would be purchasing the Build-A-Bear for.  Please also leave your email address so that I have a way to contact you if you should win.

To increase your chances of winning, you may do any or all of the following:

  • Follow me on Twitter and leave your username.
  • Tweet about this giveaway.
Be sure to complete the above mandatory entry and follow all the rules or your entries will not count!
Remember to leave one comment per entry.

This giveaway ends on Monday, January 31st and the winner will be notified by email. 

*For a limited time you can get a free Love Headband when you purchase a Love Bug or Love Bear.  ($5 value, while supplies last)

Disclaimer:  I received a gift card for my personal use and one for the giveaway.  No other compensation was received and the opinions are my own.
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Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm a Star!

A few days ago

A few weeks ago

Ohhh, winter is hard for me...a sort of SAD meets crazy, with a hint of PMS and perimenopause thrown in to make everything all blur together.  

A while back, I saw something on Facebook that made me think.  What I read asked the question, and I'm paraphrasing now, because I can't seem to find the original post and the above mentioned condition makes it hard for me to focus and remember important things like that. it competition or camaraderie?

And I got to thinking.

Of course I didn't want to admit that yes, blogging is competitive.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't want my blog to be wildly popular.  While I'd love to brag and say I make gobs and gobs of money blogging, the reality is, and this may come as a shock to some of you, this blog generates very little income.  Oh sure I get perks, which I love, love, love.  But stacks of cold hard cash, um, not so much.

Instead, what I've created here, is a place where once strangers stop in, have a look around, enter the current giveaway or just leave me some good, old fashioned comment love.

Through online blog hopping and in person blogging events, I've met some wonderful people.  Who make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Yup, I'm a star!*

And that folks, plus a tiny bit of mother's little helper is what gets me through these ridiculously cold and dreary days.

So what do you think?  Do you find blogging competitive or have you discovered some great new friendships that you may have not otherwise formed?

*If only in my own little head.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Short Shakespeare! Macbeth Giveaway

A few months back I had the pleasure of taking TOF to his very first theater production.  We saw The Emperor's New Clothes at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier and now I'd like your family to enjoy a morning at the theater as well.

A theatrical, percussive world of swords, sound and the supernatural make Macbeth one of William Shakespeare's most spellbinding plays—and CST's 75-minute abridged production provides a perfect introduction to this legendary work.

Tickets are $16–$20 or as low as $12 per student (ages 18 and under) for parties of 10 or more. Following the performance, audience members can meet members of the cast for autographs and photos. CST Patrons save 40% on parking at Navy Pier as well.

Chicago Shakespeare Theater has kindly provided me with one family four pack to the performance of your choice*.

To enter :

Leave me a comment telling me the name of the cast member who portrays Macbeth .  Please also leave your email address so that I have a way to contact you if you should win.

To increase your chances of winning, you may do any or all of the following.

  • Follow me on Twitter and leave your username.
  • Tweet about this giveaway.
Be sure to complete the above mandatory entry and follow all the rules or your entries will not count!
Remember to leave one comment per entry.

This giveaway ends on Tuesday, January 25th and the winner will be notified by email. 
*Fine print= Subject to availability. Valid by phone or in person only. Not valid in combination with other promotions or on previously purchased tickets.

Disclaimer:  As mentioned above, CST provided tickets for this giveaway, I received no other compensation.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Eden Fantasys Valentine's Day Giveaway

Warning: Links below lead to adult content and may not be suitable for viewing at work or in the presence of children.  I've done my best to present this post in a tasteful PG-13 manner, however some readers may be offended by the subject matter and my feelings will not be hurt if you leave now.

With my naked Christmas tree still standing in the corner, I'm already thinking about spicing things up for Valentine's Day and my friends at Eden Fantasys are eager to help out.

Yes, Eden Fantasys is a sex shop, but they have so much more than sex toys.  Yes, they offer some daring items, but they also offer tasteful, more tame items such as cute lingerie, mood music and aromatherapy candles.

Have you ever needed a gift for a bachelorette party or a gag gift for a milestone birthday?  Eden Fantasys is your go to place.

Rest assured that your order is shipped very discreetly,  in a plain brown package to avoid any awkwardness upon delivery.

Now for the giveaway!  I have one $25 Eden Fantasys gift card for you!

To enter to win:

Leave me a comment telling me who you'll be spending Valentine's Day with.  Please also leave your email address so that I have a way to contact you if you should win.

To increase your chances of winning, you may do any or all of the following.
Be sure to complete the above mandatory entry and follow all the rules or your entries will not count!
Remember to leave one comment per entry.

  • Follow me on Twitter and leave your username.
  • Tweet about this giveaway.

This giveaway ends on Monday, January 31st and the winner will be notified by email.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Disclaimer:  I received a gift card for my personal use and one to facilitate this giveaway, I was not compensated in any other way.  The opinions are my own.
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pajama Jeans

Oh hi!

I've remodeled.  You likey? Well I didn't remodel, I picked the colors and had my friend Marilyn move all the furniture and tear out the carpeting and paint. 

What?  You expected me to do it all?  Paleese, it's January 15th and my naked Christmas tree still stands in the corner of my family room.

Seriously, do you like the new look?  Is it neat and crisp?  The font, is it too small?  Does it look like a million bucks?  Because I need a million bucks about now and a sleep aid!  Check out that time stamp below.  3:12 AM on a Saturday.  What is wrong with me?

So in my insomniatic stupor I usually find my best blog fodder.  Spell check is telling me insomniatic is spelled wrong.  Google is telling me it is not.  Google trumps spell check.

Arghhh, I babble when sleep deprived.  Not entirely correct.  I babble at other times too.

On to my topic...pajama jeans.

The other day Glitter Gurl's facebook status read pajama jeans...seriously, what next?

So of course I had to Google pajama jeans.

Ohmyhell.  I'm in love!  I live in sweats all winter.  Well, mostly in the house, but I have been known to wear them to Walmart in the hopes of being included in the People of Walmart photos some day.  Pajama jeans would be awesome!  I could look all pulled together.  Stylish, Sexy and Comfortable. 

They look like boot cut jeans, with brass rivets and contrast stitching.  No zippers or buttons and they'll even throw in a free bonus grey crew neck t-shirt, for only $39.95 plus shipping.

I'm sold!

Looking for my credit card, checking sizing.  What's this?  Inseam length 31 inches, all sizes.

WTF!  I'm 5'8" in slippers on a good day. 31 inches are almost capris!  I'm so disappointed now.

Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post, nor a SNL spoof.  I wasn't paid, sent free pajama jeans or nuthin, but I'm totally open to sponsored posts, free stuff and being paid. 
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Advance Auto Parts Monster Truck Jam

Shhh don't tell TOF, it's a birthday surprise! He is going to be soooo excited.

Monster Truck Jam is coming to Chicago at the Allstate Arena from Friday February 11 through Sunday February 13 and we're going.

But I also have a very special offer for you!

Log onto to and use the promo code MOM in the MC Promotions Box to save 33% on adult tickets Saturday and Sunday. All tickets for Friday night are only $10 and children's tickets are $10 for all shows. Enter Code on Ticketmaster. Offer only valid on $20 mid-level seats. Not valid the day of the show. Service charges and handling fees may apply. No double discounts.

Disclaimer: My family was given tickets to attend Monster Jam. I received no monetary compensation and will purchase ear plugs on my very own.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chicago Wolves

Being part of a family of sports enthusiasts, I often have to suck it up and smile or leave the room during the countless hours of televised sporting events. But live sporting events, well, that is a completely different story. The electricity of being there, up close and personal, suddenly makes the mundane very exciting.

Saturday night we made the trek from J-Town to the Allstate Arena, in a two car caravan, to watch the Chicago Wolves vs the Hamilton Bulldogs.

But the fun began well before the actual hockey game. Every Saturday night, beginning at 5 pm, the Chicago Wolves host a free Fun Fest in the Skyline Room. There was music, games, face painting, and big screen TVs (so Whynot wouldn't miss a single minute of a college football game). Skates, the team mascot even made his way around the room greeting fans. TOF is not much into costumed characters, but he was extremely disappointed that he didn't get a picture with the Wolf Pack.

After the Fun Fest we quickly headed across the street to our seats for the Fireworks Show!

This blurry image is none other than Wayne Messmer!

Rare photographic evidence that Durwood does indeed exist ;)
and TC stuffing his face as usual. Also make note of Whynot checking
College football scores, grrrrrr.

Finally, after each Saturday game, as the players depart their locker room they stopped to sign autographs for waiting fans.

Starting at only $63 for a Chicago Wolves Fan 4 Pack is a great way to bring your friends or family to a Wolves game and save money while doing so! In addition to four tickets for an exciting Wolves Hockey game, all Fan 4 Packs include four (4) hot dogs and four (4) medium sodas.

My family and I were invited to the Chicago Wolves Social Media and Family Blogger night. I received no monetary compensation and the opinions are my own.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Fragments

Happy New Year Everyone!


2011, can you believe it!? Shouldn't we all be living a more Jetsons lifestyle with all of it's push button space age conveniences by now?


Did y'all have a nice holiday? Mine was what it was. GlitterGurl has some drama (for lack of better word) going on in her life. Not going into details here, but if you're the praying type, it would be greatly appreciated. Just pray really hard, mkay.


I took the ornaments off the tree the other day and actually put them away. The tree still stands in the corner. 'Naked' as TOF says. I was toying with the idea of a 365 project that included the tree, but here we are January 7th and I haven't taken a single picture. Truth be told, it looks rather pathetic standing in the corner 'naked'.


I'm very excited for the weekend! Tonight the boys are having a sleepover on The Avenue. Even though I'm with them all day, 5 days a week, I look forward to Mema time with them. We'll eat pizza and play games and be silly until we all pass out in the big bed.


Saturday night we're all heading to the Chicago Wolves game*. We've never been and I'm looking forward to a really fun night. TOF asked if Byfuglien was going to be there and I told him it wasn't the Blackhawks playing. He said he's already been to a hockey game and would rather go to a waterpark. Well then. Maybe meeting Skates will change his mind..


I didn't really make any resolutions this year. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I want to lose weight, eat healthier. But what I really want is to just be comfortable with the way I am and not hate myself for gaining all this weight. I don't think I'll ever see 120 on the scale again unless I convert to kilos. Wait, I just did the math on that. I don't want to see that either!


I posted this on Facebook yesterday, regarding a story in my local paper. Trying to wrap my brain around the story of a local teacher arrested for having sex with a 16 yr old student. IN HER CAR, IN THE KOHL'S PARKING LOT. Come on, she couldn't have found a Groupon for No Tell Motel? What was she thinking? Surely her student loans aren't even paid off and she's thrown away a perfectly good career. Besides, doesn't she know that 16 year old boys are quick to the draw? #dumbass


Have you heard of It's a new payment processing website that is similar to Paypal. You get $25 for signing up and $10 for referrals plus bonuses for using the website daily. I'm not saying it's good or bad, but for 5 minutes of work a day I'll take a chance. If it's a hoax, I've lost nothing. They only ask for an email to sign up. If it's a real deal, I'll be sitting pretty on lots of cool cash. Make your own decision.


But Swagbucks is a real deal. I just signed up and I'm well on my way to earning Amazon giftcards. Click on that swidget over there to the right and sign up if you haven't already.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Disclaimer-My family was given tickets to attend the Chicago Wolves game. I was not compensated in any other way, nor was I asked to blog about it. I just wanted to share my excitement.

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