Friday, February 8, 2013

Let's Play Get to Know!

I stole this straight from Marilyn at Fat Bottom Farm. I hope she doesn't hate me for it. Go show her some love and see her answers and maybe that will make up for my theivery.

I don't think that's a word. Spell check says it's not. Sounds like it should be. Aha it's thievery. Oops. I before e except after c and every other time it feels like going first. Whatevs, I never won the the spelling bee at SHS. Although I used to be a pretty good speller. A stellar speller!

What's your favorite toothpaste? 
Mine is Colgate. But when I say Colgate, I hear my mother's voice in my head pronouncing it COAL- GAYTCH in her Polish accent.

What's your favorite laundry soap? 
Gain, because it smells so good. But I use Purex because it's economical and as a Purex Insider I get free samples. Plus the boys have eczema, so I use the unscented. 

What's your favorite dish soap?
Dawn - it's more than dish soap. It's stain remover, soap scum buster, dog flea killer. It's amazing stuff and no one paid me to say that. 
Do your cookies go flat in the oven and look like cat puke? 
I don't put cookies in the oven. Just straight in my mouth, so no.
Do you eat the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms? 
Eww, Lucky Charms are gross!

How many pets do you have? 
We have three wienie dogs.

Do you live in the country or in town, a house, apartment or tin palace? 
'They' refer to this as a city, I say it's a town, hence J-Town. And I live in a house on The Avenue.
Are you afraid of the snow storm this weekend?
Nope not at all.

Are you scared of heights?
Um sort of.
Are you on a diet?
Yes! It's that SEEFOOD diet . . . I see food and I eat!
Do you have kids?
Six of them. Well eight technically I guess. 2 of mine, 2 of his, 2 from one of his and 2 from one of mine.
Coffee or tea?
Coffee until it runs out and tea if I'm super cold in the afternoon or evening.
Soda or water?
Soda? We say pop in these here parts. 
Cake or pie?
A little slice of each please. (See that diet part above)
Married or single?
Isn't this fun! 

Do you have kids? 
Marilyn, didn't you already ask me that? Again, see above.

Do you know how to roller skate?
I used to. And roller blade and ice skate too. Just last month I took the boys ice skating with GlitterGurl and stayed upright the entire time. It's been 20 years people! TWENTY!
What's your favorite show?
Oh I have so many! CSI, Grey's, Vegas, Law and Order SVU, Hawaii 5-0, oooo Deception! I'll stop at that.
Do you know how to swim?
Have you ever painted a popcorn ceiling?
No but I think my ex did and maybe Ynot too. Once I painted the walls in my kitchen with textured paint, because I was getting ready to sell and I wanted to hide the imperfections. Does that count?
Have you ever run a marathon?
I've never run anything. Oh wait, maybe once or twice for the Harlem Avenue bus with my BFF.
I did walk 2o miles in 2 days for The Avon Walk last June and I'm doing it again this year! EHEM, get those big fat wallets ready.
Can you talk without moving your lips?
It's comes out all mumbl-y.

Have you ever paid it forward?

Do you paint your toenails?
No, I let the Vietnamese girl at the nail salon do that for me. I tip well.
Have you ever held a chicken? 
I have! I was 7, we were in Poland and my aunt tied a string on it's foot so I could walk it and play with it and then . . . she cut it's head off right there in front of me and I was traumatized for months! I couldn't eat chicken for a long time. I guess it's a common thing on a farm, but shit, I was SEVEN and from the city! In a different country!
Ridden a camel? 
No. I've ridden a mus . . . wait, that's TMI
Do you know how to sew?
I do! 

Now wasn't that fun!

Come on, go old school blogging with me today. Go ahead and copy and paste this meme in your own blog with your answers and leave a link in the comments so I can come visit you! 
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rumble in the Jungle from Phase 4 Films

The Jungle Book The Movie: Rumble in the Jungle is the first DVD release from the new TV series which airs on Disney XD.  It features the exciting new adventures of Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa, and Shere Khan.

On February 12, 2013, The Jungle Book The Movie: Rumble in the Jungle will be available exclusively in Walmart stores as a limited edition with collectable toys. The TV series and DVD are perfect for children ages 2-6.


There's trouble in the jungle, and as usual, Mowgli and Mani are at the center of it all! While they enjoy their time drumming away at logs in the jungle, Shere Khan plots to put an end to the noise. Meanwhile, Tabaqui is stuck in a well, Appu gets lost, and there's something fishy going on at the Cold Lair. Will Mowgli escape the clutches of the evil Shere Khan, and manage to still have time to join his friends in the jungle rhythm? This action packed feature film promises to bring you the best of The Jungle Book.

Runtime is 62 minutes and the DVD also features a downloadable activity kit and slide show.

What we thought:

At first I was disappointed that the characters were not the traditional Disney version of the characters. They're familiar and yet not. Obviously I was the only one affected by this switch as the kids loved it! The movie is very well done to appeal to the target audience. It was something new for the boys, even though they've watch the original Disney movie several times. I especially liked that each episode teaches a lesson. Rumble in the Jungle focuses on courage and bravery as well as friendship and loyalty.

The boys enjoyed that it was filled with jungle action and wild animals.

The Jungle Book The Movie: Rumble in the Jungle is a beloved classic that adults will fondly remember, with a freshness that kids will enjoy.

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of the movie for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Classroom Valentines

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and I pinned about 70 eleven different cards TOF and I could make for his class.

My favorite were these adorable Shrinky Dinks keychains!

Red Lotus Mama  
But I got to thinking, that's an awful lot of coloring for a boy who sometimes has the attention span
 . . . was that a squirrel? Hehe, I guess he gets it from me!

Yeah, so that was too much work to make for his entire classroom of 20. Maybe we'll just make a few for family.

I had a few other ideas up my sleeve on my Pinterest board, so I asked TOF to choose a project.

In true boy fashion, he chose bouncy balls. (I saw similar bouncy balls in the Valentine section at Target for $3 a 20 pack!)


I wasn't too crazy about the card attached and I didn't have any card stock on hand. So I played around in Print Artist and came up with this tag.

I printed them out on plain copier paper, cut to 3 1/2 X 5 inches and folded in half. We'll add a 2 1/2 X 6 1/2 inch piece of red construction paper in the middle before we staple the tag to the snack size Ziploc bags. And of course he'll add his name in his best penmanship.

Feel free to grab that image and make your own!

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