Saturday, August 30, 2008

ch ch ch changes

That btw is one of my favorite songs that stutter. How many songs that stutter can you think of?

This is how my mind works when there is a sucky task at hand. Today is garage cleaning day, shoot me now. I hate my garage, it has never been clean or well organized and most likely never will be. When I walk with TOF I admire other peoples garages, Fred's next door, meticulously clean. Henry's next door to him, clean and organized! Miss Evelyn's across the street...woohooo, a bigger mess than mine. YESSSS!

Any little thing to distract myself from that garage! My incentive was a nice breakfast before I started. Unfortunately I woke up at 4:20 and waited three hours for that breakfast. What is with waking up at the crack of dawn on the weekends? DO NOT SAY PERIMENOPAUSE! So anyway, we did breakfast. I had a delicious omelet with ham and tomato and some bacon. MMM. We got home and I had to take a nap, I could not keep my eyes opened. I did manage to remodel this here blog a bit before my nappy. You like? I really want to figure out how to have three columns. You know, without paying for a blog makeover.

Hey I should have a contest! Only those people who design blogs could enter and as their prize they get to make me up a BEEEE U TI FUL new blog layout. Ha as if! But it never hurts to put that out there, I mean I'd shout it from the roof tops and maybe get you some actual paying clients.

Ok so now it's ELEVEN am people and I have a killer headache. (and that disgusting garage beckons) Whilst I napped I had this dream that my SIL came over and was making fried eggs for Whynot. A whole dozen. I said to him (in my dream) you just ate. He replied, they're not all for me. Ok whatever. I peeked out into the garage and (insert that angelic music) IT WAS CLEAN and ORGANIZED. But on Whynot's side instead of his car, there was a maroon Astro Van and 4 cars parked behind it. My Vue was not to be found. ACKKKKK, I think that's what woke me up.

Back to real life, I popped an Ibuprofen (my cure all) and peeked in the garage, nope the cleaning fairy didn't come and work her magic. TOF's daddy (hmm, need to make up a suitable pseudonym for him) came over instead to help me put up some sort of contraption that I bought at Menard's last night. So now at least the shovels and other yard crap are hanging up and out of the way. That's as far as I got when I decided I needed a break.

I suppose break is over now and I must return to the garage and finish up. I might be back LOL I still owe you some pictures of the new Vue, who knows, I might toss in some of the CLEAN garage for good measure.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

T G I Double G F

Or something like that.

So it's Friday here on The Avenue, probably everywhere else too, and I should be cleaning the garage to make room for the new vehicle in there. But it's hot and humid and the garage has southern exposure making it even hotter. So I was thinking of popping out there and moving all the crap on my side of the garage to Whynot's side. That would solve MY parking problem and create one for HIM.

It's mostly TOF's stuff, strollers, tricycles, Little Tikes vehicles, sidewalk chalk. good grief, you think I went a little overboard when that child was born? I can't help myself, I did the same thing when Big Mouse and Glittergirl were little. They had to have toys and lots of them! My mother didn't believe in toys, I had a handful of stuff. Seriously, I had 2 or 3 dolls, Tinkertoys and a couple Barbies . But mom did let me play with Playdoh, something I'm just not ready to let TOF do at my house. Instead we have a sand table outside. Baby steps people, baby steps.

Anyone want to help clean a garage this weekend? You're welcome to take some stuff home.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WTF Wednesday!!!!

I had to do it, I just had to. I had to have a WTF Wednesday of my own. WTF WTF WTF WTF. I got my period S E V E N days early, say perimenopause and I'll bite your head off. Well at least that would explain the bitchiness last week, maybe, and why my belly looks like I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant and why the potato chips are all gone even though they sucked. Note to self never buy the Lays or maybe they were Jays Kettle Cooked......ewwww gross and greasy tasting, but yeah, I polished off the entire bag last week. Ruffles used to be the chip of choice for PMS, but they are gross now too. I've considered plain Lays with perhaps a chocolate dip.

But even more to WTF about. Tampons, I had THREE left this morning! Who does that? Saves three and doesn't buy a new box? I can't even blame Glittergirl, cuz she's not here. Where are my damn tampons? I used to be the Queen of Paper Products! Toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, napkins, tampons, pads. I bought in mass quantity so I would never run out. WTF happened to me!!????

Say perimenopause and I'll bite your head off!!!


On a happy note, Aunt Flo will be all gone for my romantic trip to Cincinnati with Whynot next week. Wink wink ;)
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Monday, August 25, 2008

The one where we have lost our minds......

Wow, I haven't blogged in a whole week. Things are a bit crazy here on The Avenue, I've taken on a little more work and I'm trying to adjust things to run more smoothly. To bring you up to speed, I'm going to blog about the happenings of last week.

Monday-I blogged, about Henry's balls.

Tuesday-I'm not sure I sat down at all, I may have, well I'm sure I did, just not for any extended period that allowed me to blog. Nothing too exciting happened on Tuesday. Three guesses as to what Whynot did and the 1st 2 don't count.

Wednesday-Here's where it starts to tie in to the title. Whynot comes home from work and says, "Hey while I'm at the game Sat, why don't you go over to the Saturn dealer and take a look at those Vues. They have the GM discount for everyone until Sept 2nd." (If your still scratching your head about what he was doing Tues, he was at Wrigley AGAIN. But let's move forward) I just looked at him a little weird and asked if he bought a new car and was feeling guilty. No he hadn't bought one yet, but he has the itch really bad. I guess by offering to get me a new car too, it would ease his guilt. I love the man, but there are times when he is absolutely INSANE! I want a new car, so you go buy one too, so I feel better. CRAZY!!!

I got to thinking about it and I actually do need a new car. My Sportage is 6 years old, it needs brakes and it has this weird gas odor that just gets worse with time. Yeah Mr Serviceman, I did say RAW gas. I'm well aware of what RAW gas smells like, no not exhaust fumes! Sorry, I got off track. Anyway, I started thinking more and more about the idea of having a brand new vehicle. The more I thought about it, the more this crazy idea sounded appealing to me. Big Mouse is married and on his own, he's done with school, so no more tuition payments. Glittergirl is finding herself and will have her Associates after this semester. For all practical purposes, she is self sufficient. It's time for me to splurge on myself for a change. Yahhooooo!

Thursday-I woke up to a HUGE cup of reality. I don't need a new car, there are far more important things that I really need. A new couch, new carpeting upstairs, the living room and kitchen need to be painted, the garage needs more storage space, Christmas is coming, yada yada yada. Whew, I'm sure glad I talked myself out of that! Walked to McDonald's with Whynot for an ice cream cone to make myself feel better. Ice cream makes everything better, unless it's really bad, then only cheesecake will do.

Friday-Whynot and I had a lovely dinner out and I think I was asleep before 10 pm. We are such exciting old farts LOL.

Saturday-Too bad I couldn't stay asleep, I was up from 3-4:30 grrrrrrr. Whynot, Augie Dawgs and Tons of Fun were headed to Wrigley, are you seeing a pattern here? I figured I could take a little nap and all would be well, until I realized I needed to get to the bank before it closed at noon. Get ready, get dressed, out the door to run my errands.

After the bank I figured as long as I am out, I'll head over to the thrift shop and see what treasures they have. I've been finding some awesome puzzles for Tons of Fun for only 49 cents and only once or twice have they had missing pieces. I found six puzzles! A number train, a Melissa and Doug dinosaur floor puzzle, a castle, one from Discovery Toys, oh a Veggie Tales one, the cucumber and tomato...heh heh heh cucumber, made me think of Whynot...oh sorry get my mind out of the gutter. Two more but I forget now what they are. But the greatest find was TWO HUGE bags of Thomas tracks!!!! One for $4 and the other for $6, but wait, I had a $5 off when you spend $10 or more coupon!!!! So the whole works cost me $9.66, um and a little bleach and clorox wipes. Woo hoo!!!

Have I lost anyone yet? Stay with me, it's getting better, I think.

I'm driving home, down the street in Jtown that I loathe (a gajillion stop lights) and what should appear in front of me......insert angelic music.....the Saturn dealership. What's it gonna hurt to take a peek? Let me fast forward cuz I'm losing the people in back, bye folks, come back soon, have a good one.

Ok, for those of you that were polite enough NOT to leave....I talked to Nick, I took a test drive, they didn't have a silver one, they did have a red one, not fire engine red, kinda maroon. With leather HEATED seats...oh my tushy. We talked numbers, I got what I wanted for the Sportage, the payment is doable. Screeching halt, that's the dang reality check again! I hate to sound like um, a typical woman, but Nick I really need to talk to Whynot about this. Now let me explain dear readers, I'm a very independent woman, but I just feel when I'm spending over $20k, I should at least mention it to my husband. $19k would have been fine and dandy, but I draw the line at 20 LOL. Nick understood, yeah sure he did, he figured he'd never see me again. WRONG, cuz I dragged Whynot's buttocks back there the minute he walked into the house. He drove it, kicked the tires or whatever it is that guys do to make sure it's all good, told me I made a good choice. We went in, told Nick we'd take it and we'll pick it up Tuesday. Yeah me! I have car payments for the next 60 months!

So what do you think we did after we left Nick? Uh huh, drove down the street to the Chevy/Cadillac dealer and looked at the Malibu and the CTS.

Shoot me now! We are certifiably nuts! Two absolute lunatics. But on Tuesday this lunatic will have a beautiful new car on her side of the garage and shortly thereafter, whenever he makes up his mind so will Whynot.

Stay tuned tomorrow, for pictures (maybe) and more on the rest of the weekend.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Madness

Oh thank goodness, you're still here. I'm so sorry I'm late and I really appreciate that you waited. Did you order already? I'm starving, but I'm having something small so I can have dessert. I deserve dessert. Ok I will have the fettucini with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes and ice tea with no lemon. So tell me, how was your weekend? Wow, well that sounds like you had fun.

Let me tell you about what the cat dragged in...LITERALLY! We have a cat, sort of, his name is Ringer. Whynot often says "He's gonna be a dead ringer if he doesn't stay off my car!" Ringer found us, about ten years ago, a few months after my dad died. I think he may be Dziadzia reincarnated, but don't' tell my mom, she would think that was sacrilegious. Ringer used to live in the cul de sac, but then the little girl became allergic to cats, so he moved back to his original owner's house, also in the cul de sac. In the spring, way back then, he started hanging out on my patio. I would call the owner and say your cat is here again, they'd pick him up and he'd be back again the next day. This happened often and finally I stopped calling, figuring, if they wanted him, they could figure out where he was and come get him. They never did! So for 10 years, Ringer has slept in my garage and roamed around outside during the day. He is an awesome mouser!

Once something bit him and we had to go to the vet and get that fixed up. She recommended that I keep him inside for a few weeks. That would never happen, we had dogs at the time and Whynot was/is just not fond of cats. So I did the next best thing. I built him an elaborate kitty condo out of closet shelving. It's really quite lovely if I do say so myself. It has THREE levels. The litter box fits in there nicely and a box for a bed, that cat lives better than I do. This winter was extremely cold here in Jtown, so Augie Dawg offered to take Ringer to her house until spring. He lived in a smaller apartment than his usual digs, in her basement. Spring came and I brought him home. Well now it's August and a few weeks back, maybe in an attempt to thank me for my kindness, Ringer brought home a friend! ANOTHER FRIGGIN CAT! A kitten more specifically.

I did what any responsible adult, who DID NOT want another cat around would do. I placed an ad in the lost and found section of the paper and on Craigslist. No reply, not one single reply. Days turned into weeks, nothing. Now Tons of Fun is getting attached to this kitten and he names him HENRY, from Oswald fame. Henry is adorable and very playful, but I don't want another cat. Tons of Fun likes Henry, but even crazier......WHYNOT LIKES HENRY.

So I guess Henry is staying. There's one small problem........Henry is not yet neutered...which leads me to my dilemma. I can and will have him neutered through Friends of Animals for $51, not too bad. There's a lot of better ways I'd like to spend $51, but I'll do it. Here's the killer!!! He has to be completely vaccinated, not just the cheapo rabies shot. Oh no, we're talking the royal treatment. Vaccines for illness I cannot pronounce. Once all is said and done, Henry will set me back WELL OVER $200!!!!!!!!!!

And this is why I strongly suspect no one answered my ad! So thank you (insert strong descriptive word here) people who decided having a pet was not your thing and it would be easier just to dump him somewhere. Fear not, Henry will be loved and Ringer has a buddy and my humble home on The Avenue will continue to be mouse free. But deep down inside, I hope Karma gets their sorry ass!

Now would you mind picking up the check, I'm gonna be broke for awhile!

Great seeing you again by the way.......mwahhhh
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Friday, August 15, 2008

for my Catholic Readers.....

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin into Heaven. In a nut shell that means after Mary's death, she went to Heaven in her entirety, body and soul. There she is the Queen of all things, especially motherhood. This day marks the blessing of herbs and flowers.

Growing up in a Catholic home and attending Catholic schools for 12 years I was exposed to all things Mary. My mother has a strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin, for years she attended Mass every Tuesday morning. Icons of Mary were everywhere in our home. In particular, the Black Madonna, patroness of Poland. She watched over us and I do feel we were blessed.

As a child I gathered flowers and set them in front of a statue of Mary. When I was afraid to fall asleep because of whatever monsters lurked under my bed, praying the rosary comforted me to sleep. On my wedding day, I had a special bouquet made to present to Mary and I prayed for guidance, to help me be a good wife and mother someday. When I was having difficulty getting pregnant a second time, I invoked not only Mary, but her mother Ann and her cousin Elizabeth. After my divorce, my mother hung a rosary over my wedding picture, in hopes of a reconciliation. Fat chance!!! At my current husband's insistence, I finally removed the picture from my mother's house and hid it away.

For various reason, I've had somewhat of a falling out with The Church. I attend Mass when I feel the need. I do pray, all too often requesting something and not in thanksgiving. But I still feel Mary watches over me, and over those whom I love. And nice Catholic girl that I am, I still remember the major Holy Days.
Like today.
August 15th.
Hail, holy Queen, Mother of Mercy,our life, our sweetness and our hope.
To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve;
to thee do we send up our sighs,mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.
Turn then, most gracious advocate,thine eyes of mercy toward us;
and after this our exile,show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.
Pray for us O holy Mother of God,
that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I am a WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look, look, look!

I won, I won, I WON

I feel like Herman Munster, that's how excited I am. Good thing I'm already downstairs or I would fall right through the floor. I won something, in a blog contest! I would like to thank the wonderful random generator. I love you random generator, I love you #205 assigned to me.

Here's what I won.....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Winners of the Coupon Mom Books

Here are the random winners:
172: Beth
182: Heather C.
135: Lauren
205: Megryansmom

Timestamp: 2008-08-11 22:18:23 UTC I've sent emails to those of you who I could find emails for and left comments on blogs. I will give you ladies until 6:30 Tuesday night to claim your prize and if not, I will choose new winners!GOOD LUCK! =)

Thanks to Denise Sawyer of The "Cent" sible Sawyer, who shares her frugal tips here.

We now take you back to our regularly scheduled program The Munsters, which will air in it's entirety.
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Some Ramblings

Gone AWOL for two days just enjoying my weekend of being a baseball widow. Whynot (the husband) and Augie Dawg (our oldest daughter) had tickets to the Cubs/Cardinals games on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday afternoon they took Tons of Fun (the pride and joy grandson) with them, he's been going to games regularly since he was 4 months old. Wayne sings the National Anthem and TOF falls asleep for at least 6 innings, it's a beautiful thing.

Sunday TOF stayed home with me and we went to a carnival. Yay Mema, carnival! Glittergirl (the youngest daughter) and Newman (her flavor of the week) met us there. We did the ride thing for a couple hours and then headed home. TOF was bathed and in bed by 8:30 and I had five days of General Hospital waiting for me on the DVR. Who invented that and how did I live without it? Love it!!!

Any GH watchers? It is THE BEST SOAP! My current heart throb is Johnny Zaccara. I didn't like him at first, but he's grown on me and I have this overwhelming urge to dry hump the TV when he's on screen. More so than when Sonny Corinthos is on. Johnny has an amazing smile, it's all about good teeth for me.

Right now I'm full swing into this Monday back to reality stuff. Laundry is done, well kind of, it's washed and dried. Some has been put away and some is over there on the couch waiting to be folded. Then that last batch of stuff in the dryer needs to join it's friends on the couch until Thursday, when the urge to be domestic hits me again. Dishwasher has been emptied and refilled, I am so good. CRAP.....I forgot to thaw something for dinner. That happens often here on the Avenue. But I did manage to schedule a dentist appointment for Whynot so surely that deserves dinner out, or at least Chinese takeout.

Off to Blogland to read about your weekend!
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Friday, August 8, 2008

F-ing Friday

I promised a spectacular post today, but unfortunately all you're getting is an F-ing post. Now don't fret, before you get yourself in a frenzy and flag me, this is a family blog. The F isn't what you're thinking, it's just an "F" So no spectacular post today, probably not even fabulous. I just want to have a little fun and I hope my feeble attempt doesn't make you think I'm some kind of freak.

First, another contest, a fellow blogger is having a contest here.

Then I was going to be frugal and offer my own freebie, but fudge, the coupons expired.

So, now I'm fresh out of ideas.

Finally, I'll leave you with a foto share

Have a FANTASTIC Friday!

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gotta Do It Thursday

Click on over to Michelle's blog HERE and enter her contest to win a fabulous personalized Namesake, don't forget to mention ME ME ME as the person who sent you and I could win one too.

I'm off to lay awake all night thinking of something spectacular to post on Friday.

Sweet dreams everyone.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hump Day

Thanks for coming back!

My eternal gratitude to the FOUR beautiful people who showed their love by leaving comments to my first post and my apologies to all the blogs I have lurked at in the past and not left a comment. I am so ashamed :( I will be better from this day forward, I will, I promise. I've already said my 10 Hail Marys and an Act of Contrition, now let's move on.

Did ya miss me yesterday? I'll take that as a yes. I was wiped out and still trying to calm myself down from the excitement of Monday night! You see my beloved Whynot and I had tickets to see the Cubs play the Astros and most everyone in the Chicago area knows how that turned out! Never a dull moment in my life, the entire upper deck at Wrigley Field was evacuated as the emergency sirens were blarring. Imagine some 40,000 people crammed into the concourse level, not pretty. The rain let up about 2 hours later and much to Whynot's dismay, we left....before the game was officially called. GASP. In many ways I am lucky he's still speaking to me LOL, he'll get over it, they, lost anyway. I am a Cubs fan, truly deeply madly, I am. Just not to the extent that Whynot is. Let's move on again.

That brings us to Wednesday. Some bloggers have a Wordless Wednesday, mmm yeah, already too late for that. Besides anyone who knows me, knows I could NEVER be wordless for an entire day, 5 minutes maybe, but a WHOLE DAY, nah. So Wordless Wednesday won't work for me. I really like C & D's WTF Wednesday, but that might be too much like plagiarism and I have a WTF moment or 7,000 everyday, I could never limit myself to just Wednesday. But let me just mention these 2 things that really bug me.....WTF is with people who don't understand "Wipers on, lights on" It's truly a simple concept. And WTF is with people who DRIVE with that handicap placard hanging from their rearview mirror. #1, it obstructs their view and #2, RIGHT's says "remove while driving" Duh!!

Perhaps my Wednesday will be simply known as Hump Day, 1/2 way to the weekend, yippee.

Alrighty then, thanks for reading, please please please leave a comment if you are so inclined to do. (I'm starved for attention.) Then click on one of those there links to other blogs I have listed on the right and Blog the Recession ;)
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Tap tap tap, testing 1 2 3 can everyone in back hear me?

Welcome Everyone!

My name is Megryansmom and this is my first ever blog post. I'm a little nervous about blogging, ok that's only a little true, I'm A LOT nervous. I've been reading several blogs for months, enjoying everyone's stories. When I figure it out, I'm going to add blogroll, cuz that just sounds so cool. As far as what I'm going to blog about. WHO KNOWS? Maybe I'll blog about the daily craziness in my life, maybe I'll share a tip or two, oh and giveaways, I so want to do giveaways. Yeah, something else I have to figure out.

So sit back and get comfy, in the mornings there's always fresh coffee brewing. Snacks and beverages at other times of the day will vary, according to your preferences, so please let me know what you'd like so I can add it to my virtual shopping list.
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