Monday, August 25, 2008

The one where we have lost our minds......

Wow, I haven't blogged in a whole week. Things are a bit crazy here on The Avenue, I've taken on a little more work and I'm trying to adjust things to run more smoothly. To bring you up to speed, I'm going to blog about the happenings of last week.

Monday-I blogged, about Henry's balls.

Tuesday-I'm not sure I sat down at all, I may have, well I'm sure I did, just not for any extended period that allowed me to blog. Nothing too exciting happened on Tuesday. Three guesses as to what Whynot did and the 1st 2 don't count.

Wednesday-Here's where it starts to tie in to the title. Whynot comes home from work and says, "Hey while I'm at the game Sat, why don't you go over to the Saturn dealer and take a look at those Vues. They have the GM discount for everyone until Sept 2nd." (If your still scratching your head about what he was doing Tues, he was at Wrigley AGAIN. But let's move forward) I just looked at him a little weird and asked if he bought a new car and was feeling guilty. No he hadn't bought one yet, but he has the itch really bad. I guess by offering to get me a new car too, it would ease his guilt. I love the man, but there are times when he is absolutely INSANE! I want a new car, so you go buy one too, so I feel better. CRAZY!!!

I got to thinking about it and I actually do need a new car. My Sportage is 6 years old, it needs brakes and it has this weird gas odor that just gets worse with time. Yeah Mr Serviceman, I did say RAW gas. I'm well aware of what RAW gas smells like, no not exhaust fumes! Sorry, I got off track. Anyway, I started thinking more and more about the idea of having a brand new vehicle. The more I thought about it, the more this crazy idea sounded appealing to me. Big Mouse is married and on his own, he's done with school, so no more tuition payments. Glittergirl is finding herself and will have her Associates after this semester. For all practical purposes, she is self sufficient. It's time for me to splurge on myself for a change. Yahhooooo!

Thursday-I woke up to a HUGE cup of reality. I don't need a new car, there are far more important things that I really need. A new couch, new carpeting upstairs, the living room and kitchen need to be painted, the garage needs more storage space, Christmas is coming, yada yada yada. Whew, I'm sure glad I talked myself out of that! Walked to McDonald's with Whynot for an ice cream cone to make myself feel better. Ice cream makes everything better, unless it's really bad, then only cheesecake will do.

Friday-Whynot and I had a lovely dinner out and I think I was asleep before 10 pm. We are such exciting old farts LOL.

Saturday-Too bad I couldn't stay asleep, I was up from 3-4:30 grrrrrrr. Whynot, Augie Dawgs and Tons of Fun were headed to Wrigley, are you seeing a pattern here? I figured I could take a little nap and all would be well, until I realized I needed to get to the bank before it closed at noon. Get ready, get dressed, out the door to run my errands.

After the bank I figured as long as I am out, I'll head over to the thrift shop and see what treasures they have. I've been finding some awesome puzzles for Tons of Fun for only 49 cents and only once or twice have they had missing pieces. I found six puzzles! A number train, a Melissa and Doug dinosaur floor puzzle, a castle, one from Discovery Toys, oh a Veggie Tales one, the cucumber and tomato...heh heh heh cucumber, made me think of Whynot...oh sorry get my mind out of the gutter. Two more but I forget now what they are. But the greatest find was TWO HUGE bags of Thomas tracks!!!! One for $4 and the other for $6, but wait, I had a $5 off when you spend $10 or more coupon!!!! So the whole works cost me $9.66, um and a little bleach and clorox wipes. Woo hoo!!!

Have I lost anyone yet? Stay with me, it's getting better, I think.

I'm driving home, down the street in Jtown that I loathe (a gajillion stop lights) and what should appear in front of me......insert angelic music.....the Saturn dealership. What's it gonna hurt to take a peek? Let me fast forward cuz I'm losing the people in back, bye folks, come back soon, have a good one.

Ok, for those of you that were polite enough NOT to leave....I talked to Nick, I took a test drive, they didn't have a silver one, they did have a red one, not fire engine red, kinda maroon. With leather HEATED seats...oh my tushy. We talked numbers, I got what I wanted for the Sportage, the payment is doable. Screeching halt, that's the dang reality check again! I hate to sound like um, a typical woman, but Nick I really need to talk to Whynot about this. Now let me explain dear readers, I'm a very independent woman, but I just feel when I'm spending over $20k, I should at least mention it to my husband. $19k would have been fine and dandy, but I draw the line at 20 LOL. Nick understood, yeah sure he did, he figured he'd never see me again. WRONG, cuz I dragged Whynot's buttocks back there the minute he walked into the house. He drove it, kicked the tires or whatever it is that guys do to make sure it's all good, told me I made a good choice. We went in, told Nick we'd take it and we'll pick it up Tuesday. Yeah me! I have car payments for the next 60 months!

So what do you think we did after we left Nick? Uh huh, drove down the street to the Chevy/Cadillac dealer and looked at the Malibu and the CTS.

Shoot me now! We are certifiably nuts! Two absolute lunatics. But on Tuesday this lunatic will have a beautiful new car on her side of the garage and shortly thereafter, whenever he makes up his mind so will Whynot.

Stay tuned tomorrow, for pictures (maybe) and more on the rest of the weekend.

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Anonymous said...


Did you look at Hybrids??? lol

Leah said...

Congrats on the new ride!

and WHEW, what a week!

Leah said...

grrrr, I left a comment and the page kept THINKING AND THINKING about accepting my comment and then erased it altogether. LOL

Congrats on the new ride!

Anonymous said...

I actually think Bob is onto something with the hybrids. Only draw back is, Suz they are so expensive! But it IS sounding like our 1/3 rd is rolling in the money. Did you get the 4 or 6 cylinder? Whynot's brother Nek has a 6..its got more pick up than the 4. Guzzles more gas too. If I were closer I would toss a handful of change in the car like Nana used to and say GOOD LUCK!

Screaming Meme said...

Congrats! I wanted to stop in and let you know I posted another class...If you could spread the word I'd appreciate! Thanks! Meme

Jules said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a wonderful week - especially at the end. On Thursday, however, I would say the chocolate and..... um..... chocolate should have featured up there with ice cream and cheesecake. Just saying, mind you.

And too bad there were no fire engine red cars, 'cause you would have looked super hot in a fire engine red car. Probably all the little old ladies bought them though.

Just kidding. Sort of.

I'm sure yours looks even better and cops don't check out chicks driving maroon red cars with heated seats as much.

Kaci said...

Ooo new wheels! YAY!

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