Friday, August 29, 2008

T G I Double G F

Or something like that.

So it's Friday here on The Avenue, probably everywhere else too, and I should be cleaning the garage to make room for the new vehicle in there. But it's hot and humid and the garage has southern exposure making it even hotter. So I was thinking of popping out there and moving all the crap on my side of the garage to Whynot's side. That would solve MY parking problem and create one for HIM.

It's mostly TOF's stuff, strollers, tricycles, Little Tikes vehicles, sidewalk chalk. good grief, you think I went a little overboard when that child was born? I can't help myself, I did the same thing when Big Mouse and Glittergirl were little. They had to have toys and lots of them! My mother didn't believe in toys, I had a handful of stuff. Seriously, I had 2 or 3 dolls, Tinkertoys and a couple Barbies . But mom did let me play with Playdoh, something I'm just not ready to let TOF do at my house. Instead we have a sand table outside. Baby steps people, baby steps.

Anyone want to help clean a garage this weekend? You're welcome to take some stuff home.
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Jenni said...

I am the same way with toys...I buy way too much and then can't believe all that there is when I go to straighten things out!

Leah said...

only if you'll come help clean up my disaster of a house and help me fold and put away at least 6 loads of laundry....

good luck getting it all taken care of!

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