Saturday, August 30, 2008

ch ch ch changes

That btw is one of my favorite songs that stutter. How many songs that stutter can you think of?

This is how my mind works when there is a sucky task at hand. Today is garage cleaning day, shoot me now. I hate my garage, it has never been clean or well organized and most likely never will be. When I walk with TOF I admire other peoples garages, Fred's next door, meticulously clean. Henry's next door to him, clean and organized! Miss Evelyn's across the street...woohooo, a bigger mess than mine. YESSSS!

Any little thing to distract myself from that garage! My incentive was a nice breakfast before I started. Unfortunately I woke up at 4:20 and waited three hours for that breakfast. What is with waking up at the crack of dawn on the weekends? DO NOT SAY PERIMENOPAUSE! So anyway, we did breakfast. I had a delicious omelet with ham and tomato and some bacon. MMM. We got home and I had to take a nap, I could not keep my eyes opened. I did manage to remodel this here blog a bit before my nappy. You like? I really want to figure out how to have three columns. You know, without paying for a blog makeover.

Hey I should have a contest! Only those people who design blogs could enter and as their prize they get to make me up a BEEEE U TI FUL new blog layout. Ha as if! But it never hurts to put that out there, I mean I'd shout it from the roof tops and maybe get you some actual paying clients.

Ok so now it's ELEVEN am people and I have a killer headache. (and that disgusting garage beckons) Whilst I napped I had this dream that my SIL came over and was making fried eggs for Whynot. A whole dozen. I said to him (in my dream) you just ate. He replied, they're not all for me. Ok whatever. I peeked out into the garage and (insert that angelic music) IT WAS CLEAN and ORGANIZED. But on Whynot's side instead of his car, there was a maroon Astro Van and 4 cars parked behind it. My Vue was not to be found. ACKKKKK, I think that's what woke me up.

Back to real life, I popped an Ibuprofen (my cure all) and peeked in the garage, nope the cleaning fairy didn't come and work her magic. TOF's daddy (hmm, need to make up a suitable pseudonym for him) came over instead to help me put up some sort of contraption that I bought at Menard's last night. So now at least the shovels and other yard crap are hanging up and out of the way. That's as far as I got when I decided I needed a break.

I suppose break is over now and I must return to the garage and finish up. I might be back LOL I still owe you some pictures of the new Vue, who knows, I might toss in some of the CLEAN garage for good measure.

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Leah said...

whistle while you work...


happy weekend cleaning! I still have laundry to fold... mounds and mounds and mounds of LAUNDRY

Kaci said...

Awhh man Leah now I have the seven dwarfs in my head...lOL

Happy cleaning too...I need to get off my arse and do that too.

Anonymous said...

TOF's dad came and helped you install something??? Did whynot stand and watch in awe?? lol

I still think your best solution was the one where you cleaned out YOUR side by putting everything over onto WHYNOT's side! I mean, so far YOU have the new car and so if he wants one too he has to clean out his side FIRST ;o)

Yeah, I know, such an imagination I have . . .

One of these days I'm gonna have to get a real name, huh?

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