Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If You're Not Sick of Hearing About It Yet...BlogHer Photos

The kind and lovely Kristine from Mommy Needs Therapy. She had an interview in the MomSelect Suite where we met Maria Bailey and Amy Sobel. Also up there at the time was Angela from Seven Dogs and a Baby and several other bloggers who's names unfortunately fell through the Swiss cheese holes in my brain. Ohhh ohh wait, one was Jenn from Mommy Needs Coffee. The other were mommies that needed something too, so sorry ladies it's the CRS it's bad.

I heart this picture so much! Standing next to Mrs Potato Head my butt actually looks small! I'm framing this or making wallpaper out of it or something. Well maybe not, because that bra strap showing is a bit unclassy. Oh and look there's my water slide pass/paper LobbyCon ID bracelet, never let it be said that Megryansmom doesn't accessorize.

This lady needs no introduction, but just in case for those of you living under a rock, Paula Deen.

The wildly popular Dawn from Because I Said So. I was amazed at how many people recognized her at BlogHer, I was talking to her and heard all this hootin and a hollerin, and man, I was impressed that she got that kind of reaction when she walked into a room. Tim who? Oh and she asked if I had my hair done at the Suave booth because it looked so cute. Thanks Dawn, I hate my hair most days so that was a huge ego boost.

Beth from I Should Be Folding Laundry promised to edit the picture we took together and make me thin and beautiful. I can't wait to see the results, I have total faith in you Beth.

This clever video was totally shoplifted from another blog. But much like swag-stuff on the internet is there for the taking.

Tomorrow, I'll bring you a close up of my best swag. It'll be a good day to skip class if you're tired of my boasting.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

10 Things I Hate About Me or Why I Sucked at BlogHer

#1 I didn't plan well at all! I wasn't sure what to expect and even if I had known what to expect, BlogHer was at least 10 times what I could even imagine.

Hold onto to your hats everyone, I'm about to take you on a really fast, not so fun, condensed version of BlogHer '09 ala Megryansmom style.

#2 I didn't plan well at all! I wasn't sure what to expect and even if I had known what to expect, BlogHer was at least 10 times what I could even imagine.

I'd like to thank my wonderful hubby, who provided door to door limo service for me on Sat. I'll be paying that off in *ahem* favors for the next 20 years or so. Plan A was for me to drive to Midway Airport and then take the Orange Line and walk to the Sheraton, Whynot's Plan B was soooo much nicer. Looking back, getting to BlogHer my way would have been fine, getting home, with 4 huge bags of swag nearly impossible!

#3 I didn't plan well at all! I wasn't sure what to expect and even if I had known what to expect, BlogHer was at least 10 times what I could even imagine.

I'd done a little preparation, mingled on Twitter, got an idea of who was going. Read their blogs, tried to remember their faces. I knew who I wanted to meet. I made up some business cards, I planned what to wear, I had comfy shoes. I took a self study-crash course in Twitting by cell phone on Saturday morning. I was bringing my little used cocktail party face and what little courage I could muster from the bottom of my sock drawer.

#4 I didn't plan well at all! I wasn't sure what to expect and even if I had known what to expect, BlogHer was at least 10 times what I could even imagine.

As soon as I entered through the doors of the hotel I could feel the excitement and hear the buzz. There. were. people. everywhere. I took a deep breath and muddled through the throng to find the registration for LobbyCon. I think I walked right passed Barefoot Foodie in the lobby and I'm still kicking myself in the ass for not stopping to interrupt her and say hello. Opportunity missed, big fail.

#5 I didn't plan well at all! I wasn't sure what to expect and even if I had known what to expect, BlogHer was at least 10 times what I could even imagine.

Got to the registration table, was handed a purple water slide wristband and a do it yourself name tag. LobbyCon this big fail is on you. Really? A 29 cent lanyard and pre printed name tag was not in the budget? You'd already saved 79 cents by not providing LobbyCon attendees with an official BlogHer '09 swag bag, you'd still be 50 cents ahead if you provided an official looking name tag so I didn't feel like such a proverbial leper.

#6 I didn't plan well at all! I wasn't sure what to expect and even if I had known what to expect, BlogHer was at least 10 times what I could even imagine.

Cell phone in hand, trying my best to look like I had a clue I was on a mission to find the Expo Hall. Down one escalator and another, desperately looking for even ONE familiar face. Whew I made it, unscathed and not knowing a single soul around me. I shoved some homemade business cards into my jeans pocket and I was set to conquer BlogHer or die trying.

#7 I didn't plan well at all! I wasn't sure what to expect and even if I had known what to expect, BlogHer was at least 10 times what I could even imagine.

I was approached by a smiling Pepisco rep and handed my very first shaggin bag of swag. Yahooo, Swagwhore is born and I'm on a mission to get my greedy, grubby Veruca Salt hands on more, more, more. I WANT IT NOW! I've heard through the grapevine that others were just as greedy but not nearly as polite as I am and should have been dropped down the "Bad Egg" shoot for their obnoxious behavior at a popular party. For the record I am Swagwhore and NOT Swaghag. I am truly grateful for free stuff, it satisfies the hoarder in me. But FOUR bags, I think maybe I went jussssst a little overboard. If not for the thoughtfulness of Kristine from Mommy Needs Therapy, I'd have been schlepping that stuff around all day. I owe her at the very least, a bottle of wine. Thank you Kristine, for storing my stuff and for letting me tag along with you. Your kindness will not be forgotten, you were a real life saver.

#8 I didn't plan well at all! I wasn't sure what to expect and even if I had known what to expect, BlogHer was at least 10 times what I could even imagine.

I didn't meet nearly enough people and I'm so sad about that, however, that still leaves my identity as sort of a mystery. A kind of "Who was that masked blogger?", and "Did you see Megryansmom at BlogHer?" So if you didn't have the opportunity to meet me I can still remain awesome in your eyes and if I did meet you, gawd I hope that you don't think I'm a huge dork.

#9 I didn't plan well at all! I wasn't sure what to expect and even if I had known what to expect, BlogHer was at least 10 times what I could even imagine.

I loved being at BlogHer. I enjoyed talking to everyone I did meet. You and you and you and you and you and you. I remembered to smile. I loved the swag. I loved what little bit of Tweeting I did do. T-Mobile I don't care what anyone else says, I love your service. I was texting and twittering in a elevator full of people with FIVE BARS. I know, I'm such a bad girl. Remember I said that when I ask you to allow me a better discount on that new touch phone I covet. I'd like to thank my Visa card for making it possible for me to attend LobbyCon, I'll be paying you back plus 7.90% interest for the next 48 months.

#10 I didn't plan well at all! I wasn't sure what to expect and even if I had known what to expect, BlogHer was at least 10 times what I could even imagine.

But for this introverted little girl, who grew up in Logan Square and often uses sarcasm as an ice breaker, I feel I've made some progress. With a full year to prepare, I challenge BlogHer to a rematch in 2010. Start Spreading the News! I'm going to take NYC by storm.

p.s. Tomorrow I'll post the too few pictures I took.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming to Bring You this Important Message...

Hey the cable guy is a 1/2 hour out, he estimates that I'll be offline for about 4-6 hours. I'm sure you'll all miss me immensely. LOL

When I come back I'll be faster! Whoosh! Plus I'll have my Blogher '09 update, which I know you're all waiting to read.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

LobbyCon '09 HELP!!!!!!

I hemmed and hawed, didn't have the money for the full Blogher conference, couldn't afford to take time off of on top of that, yada yada and then it was sold out. Someone suggested I go just for the cocktail parties, $50, ok more reasonable, I could do that. Unfortunately due to my inability to make a decision that was sold out too. Wah wah wah, Blogher is practically in my backyard and I can't go! But wait! What's this? LobbyCon '09, where I will receive:

  • Access to the Chi Bar at the Sheraton, where we will be live-streaming of all four general sessions, including the Community Keynote and Saturday morning's powerhouse trio of media mavens taking part in the Traditional Media Chops meet a New Media Calling keynote
  • Access to the Expo floor, and the 40 sponsors on that floor (and their swag)
  • Access to both official BlogHer cocktail parties
What is *not* included with my BlogHer '09 LobbyCon pass
  • Access to the seven tracks of break-out programming, including the Geek Lab
  • The official conference tote bag
  • Meals during the day (breakfast, lunch, snacks)

It's all good! I get the swag, whatever is left on Saturday, if anything and I get to meet the fabulous people I've been reading about for over a year. I don't get a bag to schlep my swag in, which totally sucks, because come on, they couldn't mass produce 125 more bags for LobbyCon? And I don't get to eat all day! Which is actually another plus, because much in the same way a camera adds 10 pounds, blogging takes away 50 and IRL I'm FAT.

But oy, I'm freaking out. I'm headed down Sat morning, and all I hear on WBBM 720AM is how horrendous the traffic will be. Venetian night, some other expo, blah blah blah. And did I mention I'm directionally challenged in the city? Yes, I used to work downtown,but that was eleventy billion years ago. I hate to drive in traffic, I have no patience for that sort of shit. So my question is......IF I take the Orange Line, where do I get off and then what? Can I walk? I'm deathly afraid of taking a taxi alone, don't even suggest it, I'd rather walk 20 miles. People die in the back of taxi's dontcha watch CSI? Can I take a smelly bus? I'm ok with smelly buses, I used to live on Diversey Avenue in front of a bus stop. Well my house was on a corner in front of a bus stop.

Does someone want to meet me where the Orange Line lets me off? Pretty please? Or at least tell me how to get to the Sheraton from there? PLEASE!!!!!!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chicago Sky

It's a Sunday afternoon, and the Cubbies are on the road. What's a sports loving family to do? Why head over to the UIC Pavilion to experience the excitement of the Chicago Sky vs. the San Antonio Silver Stars of course.

I was offered a funtastic opportunity by One2One Network to attend a WNBA game with the Whole Family. You know them, they're a bunch of moochers that are invited every where. Bring the Whole Family, fun for the Whole Family. I said screw the Whole Family and invited Whynot, GlitterGurl, Augie Dawgs and TOF instead. Newman was out of town and couldn't attend and Durwood was, yeah, whatever he was doing.

So we all piled into the Vue and headed north on I-55 to the Windy City. Check it out! We had COURTSIDE seats!

The Sky offers a Friends and Family package starting at $88 and includes 4 tickets, 4 t-shirts, FREE PARKING and 4 food vouchers. It's an unbeatable value!

The Pavilion offers a variety of menu items, hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, pizza, nachos and popcorn all reasonably priced. My suggestion is get some snacks at the game and walk over to Vernon Park Tap for some authentic Italian food, but that's a review for another day.

TOF doing a little victory dance. Go Sky Go!

Oh and directly across from us was a celebrity sighting. Do you know who that is? I do. And this is where we're going to have a little fun. Every correct answer will be entered in a drawing for a special surprise Sky Fan package. Leave your comments and I'll pick a winner Friday!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ciudado! Picture Overload

The amount of time I spent in a car this weekend was the equivalent of driving from J-town to Valdosta, GA. Busy, busy weekend. Today I'll give a glimpse into the baby shower. Warning Will Robinson! There are a lot of pictures here, I really hope this works and blogger doesn't throw up all over both of us. Here goes:

I'm going to slip out of character for a bit, hahaha and go a little "Mean Girl" on you...... Presenting! Lord Helmet. Yes, believe it or not, this is what Whynot left for me.

Augie Dawgs with her Aunt Kaffee, TOF and Lord Helmet. Kaffee and Helmet are sisters. I'll just leave it at that.

Could I have a more cheesy mouse face? Blogher '09 attendees take note, the lonely woman you see in the corner, quite possibly wearing THAT shirt, because I have a limited wardrobe, might very well be ME! Please, for the love of God, come over and say hi so I don't feel like a big dork all day. My busy social calendar only allows me to attend on Sat, so plan accordingly.

Durwood's Grandmother, me and TOF, Durwood's Mother and Lord Helmet. No hatchets were buried in this house of Thomas Kincaid overload.

Now some pictures of the quilt. I work well under pressure and amazingly completed it with a little time to spare.

Snipping the quilt. Holy hell Batman, my hand STILL hurts and I have a ginormous blister on my ringer finger!

Close up of the snipping. OUCH!

Washed and ready to gift. Now after every wash the edges will fray
a little more for that raggy effect.

Clearly TOF likes the blankie. Don't even try to guilt me into making one for you buddy,
well at least not this week.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more excitement from my busy weekend!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Interview With Bernie Madoff

Today I'm snip, snip, snipping the quilt. It's all put together and I'm pleased, although no matter how careful I am my corners don't always seem to match up perfectly. Haha pun intended. It's ok, I'm learning to lower my standards, to lessen my disappointment. Pictures to follow.

Today, I was fortunate enough to score this brief interview with former financier and convicted felon Bernie Madoff.

I love you Thursday, every week without fail you bring me one day closer to Friday.

Enjoy the sunshine Peeps!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Working at Warp Speed Now

Moving right along here!

I got all this done during nap time this afternoon. Six rows are now strips, three rows need to be sewn into strips, then nine strips need to be sewn together. The final step will be clipping the seams 1/4 inch apart. Oh and then washing a few times for the ragging effect. The first time he spits up on this quilt I'm gonna cry.

Back to the sewing machine for a bit, then a nice glass of wine and bed.

Jeem Jeems everyone, see you in the am.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Remember this?

Well now it looks like this:

Very neatly cut 6 x 6 squares. For me that is progress. Baby steps. Hehehe, get it? Baby steps for a baby quilt.

Step Two: Piecing 126 of those little suckers together. Wish me luck. I'll keep you posted, IF I manage to keep my sanity.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Fragments, the Pictorial Version

Today we were supposed to do this

But because of this

We made this mess instead

Remember the dilemma of the shower? Well it's next Saturday and I'm going, I even called to RSVP and fortunately got the answering machine. Hehehe perhaps by design, when my name showed up on the caller id they chose not to answer the phone. Whatever, get over yourself Lord Helmet. So anyway, I am going and I made the cake.

It's awesome, no? Come on, please say it's awesome even if you have to lie. But if it's stupid please tell me that too, as I'm really going for the oo and ah factor from the shower guests, because when the event is not about me I have to make it be about me. Hehe self centered biotch that I am.

See here's that taggie/cake topper up close. Am I the best Mema or what?

Now I have a week to turn this

into a rag blanket, for more oos and ahhs.

And this

must be transformed into a valance. Although it's not exactly the fabric I wanted. I was looking for brown with sage polka dots. You would think that would be a simple enough request, but NOOOOOOO. Megryansmom's Law applies, I want it, therefore it is not to be found in the 3 county radius surrounding The Avenue.

And now I must scoot, as the sky has opened up and the cat is outside and one little boy is very distressed about this.

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to check out the other posts for Friday Fragments.

Friday Fragments?

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tasty Treat Tuesday!

I love MyBlogSpark. As a matter of fact if they sent me some logo t-shirts I would absolutely wear them to Blogher and shout their name to the masses. This time they sent FOOD! New Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters and I assure you they are mucho delicioso.

The New Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters are crunchy bite size clusters packed with nuts, granola and a touch of honey that come in four yummy flavors: Roasted Almond, Roasted Cashew, Honey Roasted Peanut, and Nut Lovers.

Unfortunately I cannot pick one favorite flavor, they were all seriously THAT good. Since I haven't really met a food I don't like, I enlisted in the help of some friends at the ball game last week. The comments were a unanimous "mmmmm mmm these are mmm good. Mmmm oh mmm where did you get these, they're mmmmm delicious."

They were the perfect sweet, salty snack to satisfy that, well you know THAT craving and they come in a resealable bag which makes it very convenient to toss in your purse or backpack and go.

But don't just take my word for it, go here and print a $1 off coupon to try them yourself.

Thanks MyBlogSpark and seriously, think about those t-shirts.

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We Have a Winner

Good Morning to the 3 people who still faithfully read this blog even though I've gone AWOL. It's summertime, well at least it was last week, when the mercury reached nearly 100 degrees here in J-town. Today, not so much, cooler temps with a chance of rain. TOF and I have been chilaxin. His mommy is as big as a house and the baby is very active. Although just like his brother before him he stops all activity when he senses I may be looking. The joke is that TOF left a note behind, "when you hear Mema, behave or you'll be in big chubble."

Later this morning, we are off to an impromptu picnic at the park so let's get on with some serious bloggy business...

Thank you for entering the latest Pillsbury giveaway, the winners of the Bake-Off® Recipes magazine and a Pillsbury Doughboy giggle doll are posted below. Be sure to scroll all the way down to participate in today's Nooky or Net Survey ;)

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Jennifer Suarez said...

Of COURSE I follow your blog!

June 24, 2009 3:27 PM


True Random Number Service
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Kathy B! said...

I voted for the deluxe triple-chocolate cookies! Anything with that much chocolate has to be worth a cool million, right?!

And I already follow you on Twitter, and the blog. You know, 'cuz I love ya' like that :)

June 24, 2009 10:50 AM

Congrats to Jennifer and KathyB!, please email me with your mailing address so I can forward it to the wonderful people at MyBlogSpark.


Now for the rest of you, a Think About it Thursday survey...

A new survey commissioned by Intel has some interesting results out about the importance of the Internet. Given the choice, nearly half of all women would choose the Internet over sex.

Intel recently surveyed 2,000 adults and asked them questions about the value they place on the Internet. One of the questions asked, "If you had to give up either the Internet or sex for two weeks, which would you choose?"

46% of women said they would choose the Internet over sex. Only 30% of men said they would make the same choice.

Given these two options which would you pick? Leave a comment, please, I'm begging! Me? Eh it's only TWO weeks, Whynot's not going anywhere, I'd pick the Internet, I think, yeah the Internet.

Sayonara people, have a great's like a Friday and tomorrow starts the big weekend! Happy Birthday USA and Happy Birthday Augie Dawgs on Sunday.

p.s. Those of you in the Chicago area, this is where I'll be tomorrow.

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