Friday, July 24, 2009

LobbyCon '09 HELP!!!!!!

I hemmed and hawed, didn't have the money for the full Blogher conference, couldn't afford to take time off of on top of that, yada yada and then it was sold out. Someone suggested I go just for the cocktail parties, $50, ok more reasonable, I could do that. Unfortunately due to my inability to make a decision that was sold out too. Wah wah wah, Blogher is practically in my backyard and I can't go! But wait! What's this? LobbyCon '09, where I will receive:

  • Access to the Chi Bar at the Sheraton, where we will be live-streaming of all four general sessions, including the Community Keynote and Saturday morning's powerhouse trio of media mavens taking part in the Traditional Media Chops meet a New Media Calling keynote
  • Access to the Expo floor, and the 40 sponsors on that floor (and their swag)
  • Access to both official BlogHer cocktail parties
What is *not* included with my BlogHer '09 LobbyCon pass
  • Access to the seven tracks of break-out programming, including the Geek Lab
  • The official conference tote bag
  • Meals during the day (breakfast, lunch, snacks)

It's all good! I get the swag, whatever is left on Saturday, if anything and I get to meet the fabulous people I've been reading about for over a year. I don't get a bag to schlep my swag in, which totally sucks, because come on, they couldn't mass produce 125 more bags for LobbyCon? And I don't get to eat all day! Which is actually another plus, because much in the same way a camera adds 10 pounds, blogging takes away 50 and IRL I'm FAT.

But oy, I'm freaking out. I'm headed down Sat morning, and all I hear on WBBM 720AM is how horrendous the traffic will be. Venetian night, some other expo, blah blah blah. And did I mention I'm directionally challenged in the city? Yes, I used to work downtown,but that was eleventy billion years ago. I hate to drive in traffic, I have no patience for that sort of shit. So my question is......IF I take the Orange Line, where do I get off and then what? Can I walk? I'm deathly afraid of taking a taxi alone, don't even suggest it, I'd rather walk 20 miles. People die in the back of taxi's dontcha watch CSI? Can I take a smelly bus? I'm ok with smelly buses, I used to live on Diversey Avenue in front of a bus stop. Well my house was on a corner in front of a bus stop.

Does someone want to meet me where the Orange Line lets me off? Pretty please? Or at least tell me how to get to the Sheraton from there? PLEASE!!!!!!

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Kathy B! said...

Hey your sidebar says to follow you because you know where you are going! Which one is it!

I really wish I could help, but I don't know Chicago at all. Plus I could get lost in a paper bag. Plus I'm jealous that you get to go to any of it!! You probably don't want to take advice from me!!

Miz Q said...

Per the Nap Warden:

"-The Sheridan 151 is the bus line that will take you up and down Michigan Ave. It costs $2.25 and the driver takes cash, but has no change."

Michelle said...

OMG! You crack me up. Take the orange line allll the way downtown to the Randolph stop. Get out go east on Randolph to Michigan or north on Wabash to North Water (across the river). The hotel is at the corner of Michigan and North Water and visible as soon as you get to the river.

It isn't that bad. I walked from further on Wednesday with I'm sure more stuff than you'll have.

Also, if you need a bag to hold swag, let me know... I have several. You know, since I twit not and all!

Julie D said...

Just getting caught up on my blog reading! Happy Saturday! Have a great time!

Sandy said...

LobbyCon? I'm completely lost. I am a member on Blogher, not active; I've not found it very user friendly. But, had read in lots of blogs people are going to a conf. When I look at blogher, it appears people communicate alot there; but don't blog, so guess I'm confused. Lobby Con, something else to find out about. Good luck on your venture. I wouldn't be comfortable taking a cab alone...and just read on someone's blog about how dangerous and violent Chicago is. Good luck

Unknown said...

doncha know gettin there is half the fun? lol...cant wait to hear all about your escapades

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