Thursday, January 27, 2011

On Naps and Napping

The other night, while helping my hair stylist's mother make some changes on their website, I had a very interesting conversation with her.

When do you have time to do all this computer stuff?

Augie Dawgs and I replied in unison...during nap time!

Nap time is sacred to me.  It's non-negotiable.  It's my time.

I'm up every weekday morning around 5:30ish.  TOF and TC arrive around 6ish.  They go right back to bed and I savor the quiet of the too early morning.

Around 8ish TOF wakes up (TC sleeps until 9:30) and then it's time for breakfast, getting dressed, lots of playing, reading, and being silly.  We break for lunch, and after potty and hand washing I walk TOF down the driveway to his school bus.  I return to clean TC up and change his diaper and's nap time.

A solid two and a half hours where I can recompose, regroup, and regenerate.  In those two and a half hours I scurry to catch up ever so slightly in my bursting at the seams Google Reader, maybe even write a blog post.  I'll linger on Facebook, reading status updates and playing a game or thirty seven of Bejeweled.

It's in some of these status updates that I realize how truly blessed I am.  The words are all a little different, but the message they convey is the same.  My kid won't nap!  And I think to myself ,wow, that really stinks.  I cannot imagine spending the days with a non-napper.  Glitter Gurl was (and at 23 she still is) a great sleeper, she napped the year she was in morning kindergarten and then went to bed at 8pm.  Both boys are amazing sleepers.  At almost 5, TOF will at least still rest on the couch, without the TV on, for about 1 1/2 hours on non school days.  He often falls asleep during that rest and if he doesn't he quietly asks how many more minutes until he can get up.

I know these naps won't last forever, but I am enjoying them so much while I can.

How will I get anything done without naps?
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Cranberry Morning said...

And you're not the only one who benefits from their nap time. Kids need down time too.

Be sure to enter my (very first) giveaway this morning on Cranberry morning. :-)

Unknown said...

I am so lucky to have had TWO great sleepers!
Ummmm, Bejeweled.
I bought Bejeweled 3 from Pogo games for 20.00 and now I have the FULL version which is AMAZING!

Lisa Noel said...

I want a nap...

My lil one stopped napping months ago. Sometimes he'll take a random nap, like this morning after out late night but not regularly anymore.

Mrs4444 said...

There's always "Quiet Time," although my son once stuck a bandaid into his sinus cavity during Quiet Time....

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