Monday, January 31, 2011

When Old is New Again

See those jeans?  I had a pair almost identical in high school.  Circa 1977.  Single digit size.  High rise waist, straight through the hips and wide flare legs.  Let's not forget the skinny belt and oh what the hell toss in some espadrille sandals too, why don't we.  Apparently it will be all the rage in haute couture again this spring.

I just want to know, if we're bringing back the old jeans, can I get my high school body back too?

I won't even miss the boobs.
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Anonymous said...

Can I have my high school body back, too?

And this is a fad I think I will not partake in! I don't think I could ever rock those jeans!

Cranberry Morning said...

I'll tell ya one thing: you can wear jeans like that when walking through an alfalfa field full of wood ticks!

And I'd do anything to get my highschool body back...well, anything but exercise and eat nothing.

Melisa Wells said...

I would LOVE to have my high school body back.

And the hair, while I'm wishing...

Lisa Noel said...

I'm so confused by the high waist stuff when 'what not to wear' has been telling me how horrible the high waist is for years!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry, but I actually love these jeans. It's one of the few style fads from the 70's (or was it 80's, it's all such a distant blur to me now) that I always loved the look of.

And I just want my prebabies body back. No need for the high school body. I was still growing hips back then. I love my hips now. Just hate my post pregnancy belly button, stretch marks, and slight old lady jiggliness I swear is there but Hubby (god love him) swears up and down isn't.

Michelle said...

Wait wait wait... I thought it was all the skinny jeans and jeggings. Now we're back to super wide legs again? Ugh.

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