Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We Could Be Twins!

I've been reading so much about Sarah Palin and her fashion sense and I've noticed a few similarities between us.

First we have the glasses.

My glasses

Sarah's glasses

See they're both rimless and have little nosepads.

Next let's take a look at THE SHOES

These are Sarah's work shoes

and these are mine

Should I not be wearing white after Labor Day?

Ok so at least we have the same hair color. L'Oreal Feria French Roast.

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bv said...

Ohh! Sarah's shoes are hot but let's face it, we'd all choose yours any day!

And just for the record, I say you can wear white any time you want!!!!


Leah said...

That made me laugh out loud!!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Tuesday!
Great post!!!!!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Weeksie50 said...

How fun are you..

I love Sarah Palin..
I sure hope she gets to be the vice President.. it's not looking good.. ugh.

Jess said...

Thanks for stopping by! Follow me if you'd like (can you tell I'm desperate for followers??).

I like your shoes better! Comfy is definitely in!

"J" said...

Ha! I love it! Funny post! =)

I love her shoes!!! I just don't know if I could really walk in them at least not for long! lol

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!! =) The SSS is going to be a total blast!!!!! =) I can't wait to see who I get!!!!

Stop by anytime! I love NEW blog friends!!!!


Anonymous said...

OH goodness, I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin, but your post is too funny!

I wonder if she "won" the lotto too? hee hee!

Brandi said...

CUTE POST... THANKS FOR STOPPING BY MINE! Loving the house shoes, that is what I would choose.

Kandas | GratitudeGeek said...

That gave me a giggle! Thank you. And thanks also for dropping by my blog today.

Enter the Super Duper SuperWAHMz Contest!

Anonymous said...

The pix of your slippas made the cawfee come out my nose!!!!
Ya killin me.
1 of 3

Julie D said...

Wow, you two were totally separated at birth.

Jenni said...

You pretty much ARE Sarah Palin...I think you should get your name on the ballot!

Kaci said...

LOL!!!!!! You're hilarious! Her shoes are so hot but my feet would be barkin!

Tenakim said...

the resmblance is uncanny from here!

Megan said...

hahah I love your "work shoes"!! Funny post!

Anonymous said...
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