Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bargain $hopping and Then Some

Did you get over to Old Navy today? I did! Well, Augie Dawgs, TOF and I did. We didn't get there when it opened, instead we took our chances and arrived closer to 11, for the kid's costume party. They still had the gift bags with the coupons and Augie and I each got a $5 off your total purchase.

With my $5 coupon I purchased 5 kids Halloween t-shirts marked down to $1 each, for my little friends. I figured they were healthier than candy and they were FREE. Much cheaper than the $2.49 I spent on Halloween t-shirts at Children's Place last week.

TOF received a FREE graphic t-shirt just for showing up in costume.

I found three of these cute striped polo shirts, marked down to $2 each, Augie used her coupon and the grand total today at Old Navy was $1.05! For 9 shirts! We are the fart smellers (smart fellas).

But wait, we're not done bargain shopping yet. We headed over to JCPenney and I had a couple (well 4 actually) coupons for $10 off a minimum $10 purchase. I used those on 4 of these lovely tshirts for me, and 2 for Augie Dawgs, they were marked down to $5.99 during the door buster. Making our out of pocket expense $6.42 for 6 tshirts! Like my new long hair? Yeah, as if. I would definitely give up my big boobs to be THAT skinny again.

We made our way upstairs to the children's department and TOF scored this awesome fleece lined jacket, (his is blue) marked down to $19.99 during the door buster, but our price with coupon, a mere $9.99 plus tax.

But our fun is far from over! We had Halloween "poddies" to attend. Here are my favorite guys in costume, Elmo and Oscar the Grouch! (aka Whynot)

TOF and I at the Lion's Club costume party. TOF made the top 10 preschool costumes and then lost to that little green fairy you can see in the bottom of the picture. She was cute, but he's TOF!

Monser meets Monser! Trick or Treating before lunch.

This was our waitress, TOF recognized her immediately as Stephanie from Lazy Town. I asked if we could take a picture with Stephanie and she said sure, but who is Stephanie. DOH!

And no Halloween is complete without a visit to the fire house.

We planned on stopping at Kohl's on the way home, (more coupons LOL) but TOF passed out in the car.

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Unknown said...

GREAT PIX looks like you all had a ton of fun!!!!
LOVE the Old Navy Tees you scored!

I wonder what you are like on black friday??? this is only Halloween lol

That Janie Girl said...

Good Lord, girl! Those bargains are AWESOME. Where were you when I was buying LaToya the Sequoia?

Great job!! I am very, very, very impressed.

Deb said...

Very impressive! I'm only sorry there weren't Kohl's tales to tell! Next time, I'm sure.

Love the Elmo suit.

Tiffany said...

Damn I need to shop with you. And I love the pic of him licking the spoon. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

What great prices! I wish we had an Old Navy.
Elmo is too adorable.

Kaci said...

I DID I DID!! We went too!! But went late as well...dang it! No coupon but still found some awesome deals!! Elmo is way to cute for his own good! :) XOXO

Betsy Hart said...

Those are some awesome deals! :)

bv said...

We hit Old Navy too and were the first ones in line when the doors opened but I was somewhat disappointed after all of the hpye that it was only $5 off. I passed on the t shirts simply because my kids end up wearing them year round!

Glad you made out so well!!!

Jenni said...

How fun!!!! Your Elmo is toooooo cute!

I did not get to Old Navy! I forgot.

You have may fabulous awards to come pick up at my blog today.

Debz said...

You find all the good deals. I stink at that. And that fleece lined jacket - OMG!! Did you pick me up one too. I need one.

Love Elmo!! How cute was that?

Annie said...

I'm dying that he thought the waitress was Stephanie! Too darn funny!

Julie said...

Great bargains! I am jealous :)

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