Friday, October 17, 2008

No Thoughtful Blogger Award Today

I know you're all terribly disappointed. I can almost hear you singing songs of praise. Hallelujah, we can just move on to the next blog and not make nice nice here.

Well just because I know how you miss it when I don't post some senseless something, I will.

There is no thoughtful blogger award today, not because I found no one to be thoughtful. Oh no, not that at all. It's only because I'm tired and LAZY! And lazy and TIRED!

I have great comments, I have lots of email and I have a Google Reader that reminds me of the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Ethel got jobs at the candy factory and that conveyor belt started moving faster and faster and Lucy couldn't keep up and there was candy everywhere. But in my life, I can keep up with candy just fine, a little too fine, as my butt will attest. It's everything else that is spinning put of control.

I have a DVR full of shows that I may never watch. Sad. I have yet to see one episode of Heroes this season. I'm behind on Prison Break and GH and Night Shift.

The laundry! My God, there's 2 of us in this house, where is this laundry coming from?

I did manage to put down 32 bags of mulch in the backyard, but the 5 mums I bought are still sitting in pots on the patio. The plants in the flower beds need to be separated. Whynot is working on removing the ugly shrubs in front of the house. Gardening is not relaxing, it's not soothing or calming, it's HARD WORK! Luckily I didn't break a nail, that would have pushed me over the edge. I have no time for a manicure, ugh or to cover these grey roots and my back is killing me.

Yesterday, Augie Dawgs and I volunteered at the kid's resale. That could be ten blog posts in itself. My motto is "my way is the best way." It was not MY WAY yesterday. IMO quality control was lacking, but hey that's not where you stationed me, so I had my usual pleasant disposition when things don't roll my way.

If you attend the sale, which you probably won't, but I'm just saying, you may be a tad disappointed in the quality of the items. There's a lot of crap out there that I wouldn't put on my kid, but hey, whatever!

So, since today I'm not giving out the Thoughtful Blogger Award. I leave you with a homework assignment of sort. Take that there award (just cut and paste) and pass it on to 5 bloggers that made you feel good this week. A linky back to me is always greatly appreciated.

Have a great Friday, I'm off to find some ibuprofen. Sighhhhh

The Thoughtful Blogger Award

For those who answer blog comments, emails, and make their visitors feel at home on their blogs. For the people who take others feelings into consideration before speaking out and who are kind and courteous. Also for all of those bloggers who spend so much of their time helping others bloggers design, improve, and fix their sites. This award is for those generous bloggers who think of others.

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Unknown said...

*Here* are 2 ibuprofen :)
Have a great weekend!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday !!

I think that's the reason that I no longer volunteer at garage sales. I have to bite down on my tongue, HARD, to stop myself saying 'You really think someone will want to buy THAT???'.

t said...

Happy Weekend. So much pressure blogging, isn't it? I have to give up posting my daily breakfast for a bit..the kids were driving me nuts every morning asking WHAT I was posting. I just wanted an excedrin and a pepsi.

Relax...kick's Friday....wooohoooo

Debz said...

It is Friday!!! This is supposed to be a good thing. Grab the remote and say the heck with the blogs. We won't mind.

I will gladly pass along the thoughtful blogger award!! It
s on eof my favs!!

Debz said...

Since I evidently couldn't spell last comment (that was supposed to say one of) I decided to leave another.

I past out the award. My post should be up at 1-ish. :)

Jenni said...

Can I do it on Monday? I am tired and lazy, too!

Julie D said...

Relax! Kick back and take some "me" time. You deserve it!

Julie said...

I agree with the above Julie. Also, watch Heroes - such a good season!

jill jill bo bill said...

i threw out my back yesterday organizing a damn closet. See, that's why I blog and let my house go. I never hurt myself on my laptop! (yet)

Unknown said...

Hope your weekend is going GREAT!

Unknown said...

i forgot to say i have missed all the new epis of heros due to football and cheer on monday nites and NO I do not own a DVR-I must be the last person in the world to not own a dvr yiyiyi

Kaci said...

Oh dear I have such a hang over from RED wine...what was I thinking?

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