Friday, October 10, 2008

Cast of Characters

So it's come to my attention that there is some confusion with the cast and who they are. Let me take a moment to fix that.

Jeannie writes:

Okay you are sooooooooooooo need to catch me up with all these names?!?!? lol

Augie Dawg's? Friend or Family? Maybe both?

Augie Dawg = oldest step daughter, mother to TOF Friend and Family

Whynot? Hubby?

Whynot is hubby

Glitter Gurl? Daughter, Friend, Family or all 3? lol

Glitter Gurl is the baby daughter 21 next week, daughter and family, not so much friend right now, as she is off "finding herself", whatevah

Durwood and TOF? No guess here? lol Maybe Augie Dawg's family?

Durwood, think Bewitched and Endora's references to Darrin Stevens. Durwood is Augie Dawg's significant other and TOF's dad. Durwood fits him.

TOF is the one and only Golden Grandson, for now. Augie Dawg's son, Tons of Fun will be 3 in February.

I was soooooooooooooo lost!!!! lol
Which is NOT hard!

There are a few others.....

Ink Man the oldest step son, a hungry plumber, who's always willing to help out around The Avenue cuz the food here is good and free. Ink Man has a girlfriend, she's nice enough, I haven't given her an official bloggy alias yet. If need be, she will be referred to as Ink Man's gf.

Big Mouse, next in line child chronologically. That's all I'm saying. He has a wife, she has a nickname, for the sake of any impending grand children I will not publish it now or ever.

Glitter Gurl has a beau, Neuman or did I spell it Newman the first time, no matter, either or. He's tallllllll and sooooo handsome. They run hot and cold, this week is hot, stayed tuned. He has good genes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

There's a couple "characters" (hahaha) that don't reside on The Avenue, but hold a special place in my heart, 1 of 3 and 2 of 3. They're my buds

We also have animals on The Avenue (that's what I call my humble abode)

Henry, the cat the found us, there's blog all about him. BTW, he hasn't been snipped yet. Anyone want to send $51?

Ringer, another cat that found us about 10 years ago. I secretly think he's my dad reincarnated.

The pigs, Domino, who I adopted when Glitter Gurl left to find herself and Zami, Glitter Gurl's pig who she brought back here because her roommate is allergic.

I think that covers everyone and I hope it helped clarify who's who. Thanks for asking Jeannie. Any other questions, anyone, ask away.

P.S. There's still a few days to get in on the SSS, come on it'll be fun! Click that Secret Santa link on the right and get yourself all set up.

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Anonymous said...

I think I may need to bookmark this for reference LOL!

Thanks for all the clarification - or was it more confusion? hee hee!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Jenni said...

If my son's choose wives that need to remain nameless I am going to be sooooo mad at them! LOL!

Leah said...

I never wanted to ask, but I'm glad someone did! And I'm proud to say that reading your blog over the last few weeks (months? how long's it been now?) I kind of caught on pretty well!

HILARIOUS about Derwood. I'm guessing he doesn't read your blog?

Unknown said...

Oh shoot jills hawt on my tail with 14

Unknown said...

i am glad you clarified all those nicknames LOL but i am still a lil confused...but i stay that way

Unknown said...

Oh yes I may need to bookmark this post also...what am i worried about Jill catchin me for??? she will be out of town all weekend ;-)

Betsy Hart said...

Thanks for the clarification!

Julie D said...

Good God, is there a venn diagram I can get?

"J" said...

I love it!!!!!
Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much with hookin me up with all the names!!!!! I feel soooooooooooooo much better now!!!!!

I love it!!!!!

travel girl said...

I am an offical follwer but I need to catch up on all your posts.

Looking forward to SSS.

Travel girl.

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