Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Have Nothing Blogworthy :(

I am a pathetic existence and grumpier than all shit! My house is a swill pit and I have no motivation to clean. On a high note, my laundry is complete. Washed. Folded. Put Away. No easy task for me. I like the clean underwear to lay all over the couch for several days, just in case someone comes over. So I can cringe at just how much of a pathetic existence I am.

Not much happening on The Avenue. TOF has an ear infection, thank God for those tubes. Instead of fever and screaming, we now get ear gunk of gross proportion and we know it's time to apply "the drops" Loving those tubes. Gustav brought some monsoon like rain on Monday, took with him the humidity and left behind some deliciously cooler temps.

Spent the weekend in Cincy, three ball games, two losses. So sad. Leaving the park Sunday afternoon with our tails between our legs, Whynot and I encountered "Obnoxious Reds Fan" Rudest M-F er I've come across in a long time! We were just minding our own business and he screams at us "that's right, go back to Chicago Cubs fans" So Whynot replies, "it's ok, we're going home in 1st place" ORF continues about how the Cubs lost the last 7 of 8, when's the last time they went to the world series, a couple other things I just can't recall right now, but amazingly, for a Cubs hater, he sure knew a lot about their stats. Anywho....... HE JUST WOULDN'T SHUT UP. I couldn't take it anymore, I had that glorious 4 1/2 hour ride home with Mr Grump, I mean Whynot, I turned around and screamed "just shut up already asshole" To which he replied, "oh you can dish it out, but you can't take it?" I remained silent, it was bad enough I stooped to his level of stupid by screaming at him in the first place, but I was completely confused by his reply, he started it. Grrrrr, my blood was boiling, I wanted to kick his ass!!! Oh yeah and he had his young (about 5 yrs old) daughter with him. She prolly went home and said, "Mommy, some crazy lady from Chicago called Daddy an asshole" And Mommy prolly replied, "He deserved it"
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Anonymous said...

Clean underwear on the couch for days? Hmmm that actually might come in handy for those times I sneeze too hard and wet myself. Hey look a new pair within arms length! LMAO!

Ah the fun of being a mom :-D

Leah said...

I just don't get why some people are the way they are. I can't imagine picking a fight with a random stranger just to try and be the "big man on campus" or whatever. GOODNESS! Sorry that happened to you guys!

Jenni said...

I hate rude fans! We're in Boston so I hear all kinds of Red Sox and Yankees fans talk trash!

Just enjoy the game, people! This is supposed to be family entertainment!

Patty said...
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Anonymous said...

Well thank Hank you're still alive to tell the tale!
Now send me some mail!!

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