Sunday, September 14, 2008


Are we alone, or is he in here? Quick close the door and sit down. I strongly suspect that the person who has invaded Whynot's body has been reading my blog.

Why? How you ask. Remember the dishwasher and sippy cup incident? Yeah, well yesterday, Whynot or whoever this alien is, emptied the entire dishwasher. Everything. Sippy cups too! He even put the little rubber flanges into the lids, and placed them in the cabinet. The. Right. Cabinet.

Shh he's watching the Bears game right beside me, but when it's over.....hang on to your hats.....we're going to tile my bathroom floor! Actually it's almost done, cept for an itty bitty I can't reach behind the toilet and along the tub, so we have to move the toilet. But today's the day! TWENTY MINUTES, unless Bear's go into overtime.

Either he's reading my blog or one of my loyal readers is a double agent. Take that all of you seasoned bloggers, Mata Hari reads my blog.
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Unknown said...

Don't you love when that happens? :) Cleatus doesn't read my blog, but his co-workers do, so they tell him all about it. ;)

Anonymous said...

whatever it takes!!

Hi whYnot!! atta boy! keep it up!!!

Kaci said...

LOL! you are funny!

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