Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Favorite 4 Letter Word

Starts with F.

Um yeah, no, get your mind out of the gutter! It's FREE. If it's free it's for me! So now I am searching for a free stat counter. I had one, it broke, don't ask, I dunno. It just wouldn't load the page anymore, so I switched. This one said free, but it's only free for 500 hits and then what?

So I want a totally free all the time stat counter, that I can actually understand. Any suggestions?

Everyone having a great weekend? Enjoy, there's only about 4 1/2 hours left. Cram in all the good times, it's almost Monday. Groannnnnnnnnn.

I had a fabulous weekend! TOF and I were hanging while Whynot and Augie Dawg cheered the Cubs onto victory. Did some grocery shopping, some yard work, some cleaning.

Today TOF joined Whynot and Augie Dawg at Wrigley and he brought a friend. Flat Stanley! 1 of 3 asked if I would be so kind as to send Stanley to the Friendly Confines for her son Jikity's school project. Can't wait to see the pictures.

I shopped today! Lately I hate to shop. But off I went to Kohl's for new Nike's. IN MAGENTA!! Magenta shoes people. I know you're all green with envy. Then to Penney's where I picked up a new purse, some bling earrings and a ring for Glitter Gurl. Who I just happened to bump into on my way out. Surprise surprise! She must have smelled her present and came to claim it.

We did lunch at Panera, where I thought longingly of 1 of 3 and 2 of 3. It was a year ago that we had our girly weekend in St Louis and ate Panera and got free pop. A whole year. We need a repeat.

I came home to grab some cash, cuz I had this itch.....the itch. I hate the itch. I snuck over to the casino and lost $20! SHIT! I'll show them! I pulled another $20 and headed to another machine, $10 into my play I hit for 816 quarters! Woohoo! I snatched that ticket and walked right out! I'm a lot of things, but a fool isn't one of them. That many quarters is half my car payment. Woohoo!!!

Enjoy your evening everyone.
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Anonymous said...

CaCHING!!! wooo hooo good for you!! and better yet to just WALK AWAY!! ;o)

I had Panera for lunch today too!! Couldn't remember for the life of me what the name of that sandwich was we all wanted that they'd run out of which is WHY we got free drinks. The new tomato/mozzerella I had was pretty good tho ;o)

And don't feel TOO bad about tomorrow being Monday because HEROES! is back with a catch up, and then two new hours!! it's been SOOOOO long!!

I need a better name lol

2 of 3

Kaci said...

I love the 4 letter word too! :)

Anonymous said...

You may want to check out sitemeter:

Basic - but works well! (and its free)

Dreams and Designs said...

I just happened across your blog but I started using sitemeter about a year ago and I really like it. I think its at Good luck!!

bv said...

Have you tried Google Analytics?

I so love all of your little nick names!!!

Anonymous said...

I suppose I ought, also to complete the circle and have lunch at Panera today...I just wish it weren't alone. Sigh.

Aseago (sp?) Chicken, #2.

Go Cubs...Go Flat Stanley!

1 of 3
PS..#2 you can be #1 if you really dont like your name. Im easy!

Leah said...

okay, so I'm skimming at this poitn becauseI have a cold and feel like crap and I'm babysitting a screaming teething baby and my attention just isn't fully here. So someone may have answered this for you or maybe you figured it out for yourself, but based on your first paragraph or two, I just wanted to clarify that statcoutner IS totally free. The 500 hits thing with the free version is that it only stores 500 hits in it's memory at a time. So once you've had 501 hits, you then lose the visual info of the very first hit, etc. It only stores the most recent 500 hits. And I doubt you really care to backtrack and see who visited your site 567 hits ago, right? So really, who cares? storing 500 of your most recent hits is more than sufficient and it's only totally free and works great. I have it on my site (invisibly) and then I have sitemeter visible. sitemeter is easier to understand as far as how many hits you've had in a day, but statcounter is more exact on locations of the viewers. so there you have it. sorry if it's a repeat

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