Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Little Black Box

Have you clicked on that little black box yet? It's entertaining. Go ahead it won't hurt you. I promise. I forget where I found it, so I'm sorry but I can't give proper credit. It's sort of like a blog version of those fortune tellers we used to make as kids. Picked 6, then 4 then 3, then blue, then spell your best friend's name backwards and when you marry Brian, you will have 6 kids, all boys. But instead the Little Black Box will lead you to a blog you may not have ever read before. Go ahead, it'll be fun, it's not like those 3 piles of laundry on the couch are going anywhere soon.

Now a public service message from the Blog Police...

Dear Bloggers,

I like order, I like to go to one place, preferably Google Reader, and read all my favorite blogs in one fell swoop. Some of you have obliged, putting that nice little orange icon on your blogs so I can click 3 times and voila, you're in my Google Reader. But some of you are a little more defiant, thus confusing this feeble little mind of mine. If you're in my list of favs, I can't be orderly, because I forget where I left off the last time I checked. So please, help an old woman out if you will, and add that little orange icon to your blog, if you can. It's not like those 3 piles of laundry are going anywhere.

Thank you!

And finally, lookie, down there, straight under this post....see how pretty.....it's so me isn't it? I love it. I got it here and it was free!

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Anonymous said...

Oh it IS so YOU and SO pretty and the link got me to a 403 Error - Forbidden! page! WTF and it's not even Wednesday!? lol

one of the three lol

Betsy Hart said...

I put all mine in a list in my favorites, and pray that I don't miss any. Your idea seems better. LOL! You have another follower in me!

Unknown said...

isnt mylivesiggy so cool....i member when i found it...took me FO-EVA to figure out which siggy I wanted...i am decisionally challenged yanno?

I hope you sign up for SSS-cuz well it's gonna be fun and cool and I sooo know everyone wants to be in the 'IN' crowd! now dont forget how ya found me....cuz i am doing SSS feature blogs now...there are already 43 of you guys...and one of them will be your potenial SSS exchange partner...

mmmkay sorry for the blog-vella love ya too

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