Monday, September 29, 2008

Things Rolling Around in My Head...Continued

K back, thanks for waiting, and now for the things in my head.

A weekend update:

Saturday, Whynot, Augie Dawg and I took TOF to the zoo. The weather was perfect, not too hot, sunny, it was a beautiful day. TOF had a great time, we talked about all the animals we saw, the noises they make. He had a blast petting the goats in the children's zoo. I took a great picture of a lovely family, that I choose not to post, because, well they may track me down and thank me for the picture LOL.....but just to give you a hint, we dubbed them Hoochie Mama and Thug Daddy. Good grief, they made an interesting pair to say the least.

We spent some time in the Ape house and that seems to be TOF's favorite part of the whole day. We climbed up some stairs and at the top we learned.....wait I'll let TOF tell it.

Oh no Mema! Bridge broken! Walk back down! Pa, mema broke bridge! Oh no bridge broken! Walk back down! Mama, bridge broken, walk back down.

Later at home.

Daddeeee, bridge broken! Mema broke bridge, walk back down.

Two days later when Glitter Gurl stops by on her way to work.

Hey TOF, did you go to the zoo?

Nana (he calls her nana as in knock knock) oh no bridge broken! Walk back down! Mema oh no, bridge broken! Mema walk back down! Nana, Mema broke bridge!

Four hours at the zoo, all those animals, snacks, a merry go round and the boy only wants to talk about the broken bridge in the ape house.


So there's more stuff inside here.....

Hey Direct TV, great idea to use two different types of satellite dishes on the rooftops. This way if I am a burglar, I know to go only to the houses with oval shaped dishes as they have HDTVs.

Oh tried to place an order Friday, you weren't calculating the discount correctly. I called and placed my order over the phone, the shoes I chose were out of stock...of course they were! THEY WERE IN MY SHOPPING BAG ONLINE!!! I chose a different pair of shoes. It was all good, except what are the chances that the cursor would have been precisely on place order when I grabbed the mouse? Pretty good I'd say, considering I now have 2 pairs of Mickey Mouse pajamas, 2 monster shirts, 2 pairs of Christmas pajamas and TWO DIFFERENT pairs of shoes winging their way to my doorstep. ARGHHHHHH But at least I got the discount both times and $20 in Kohl's Cash for next time.

RAIN! Enough already! Whynot had to mow the lawn twice last week and it still looked like crap! Here you are again and he'll be gone Wednesday and Thursday. The river is still a bit high. I'm really not liking you much right now.

Can you imagine if it were snow, how much there would be! I'll take the rain.

I'm not even gonna get into the PROPOSED BAILOUT! But I can't wait til next Monday to see what else JP Morgan bought over the weekend.

I've gotta run, there's laundry still on the couch and more in the washer and dryer, I'd like a nap, but it's time for GH. I know what happens, but I still want to see it. I know what the BIG SECRET is too. Leave a comment if you want to know and I'll get back to you.

Have a great Monday!

See ya tomorrow...maybe..........

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Unknown said...

awww the zoo...sounds like fun i havent been to the zoo in forever!

I havent watched soaps since mr gp started watching the big secret about lulu? oh oh sonny is re-taking control of the empire??? dr noah drake is gonna sing jessies girls? blackie is coming back??? ok ok ok sooooo i keep up suck it... ;-)

Anonymous said...

How can Blackie come back? he's over there on ER still . . .

Jenni said...

What was the BIG SECRET??? Tell me! Tell me! Help a working soap lover out!

Betsy Hart said...

I am thinking that our little one's must be related. Mine only loves the slide at the zoo! lol.

Julie D said...

What big secret??????? I tape the friggin thing every day but only half assed watch it once a week at best. Save me that hour I can't ever get back, will ya?

Kaci said...

Oooo the zoo sounds fun!! :) XOXOX

Anonymous said...

The zoo--oh I love the zoo. If you want to send any of that rain my way I will take it. It hasn't rained here in forever! Oh and thanks for stopping by--I appreciate it!

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