Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

I shouldn't complain, I really shouldn't. But I can't help it, I do it so well (and so often) Despite all the rain we've gotten, life here on The Avenue is good. The house is dry, the power is on, it's cool inside. But outside, oh my, it's humid as all shit and the rain keeps falling and falling. One third of my backyard is submerged in water. The side yard is very sloshy.

Whynot was out last night checking the neighbor's drain for their sump pump. It's between the two houses and they didn't have a hose long enough to drain the water into the street. We were concerned as this standing water could possibly run into our utility room and family room. I bought a hose, still not long enough, so in the dark last night, Whynot grabbed the hose to the shop vac and ran it into the street. It's doing the job and every so often he looks out the front window to make sure his idea is still working. He's so proud of himself. That's my guy, he usually needs a fire or in this case flood up his ass to get him in gear, but golly, he comes up with some good ones some times. He's a prince :)

There's more silver lining to this cloud. Cubs game in Houston, cancelled. Dang, no baseball. What's a man to do? Why help his wife get a start on fall cleaning of course. Our lower level is CLEAN. Seriously clean. We even had a service come out to clean our duct work this afternoon. Like busy little squirrels foraging nuts, Whynot and I.

I was so grateful for all Whynot's help that I even offered to dig up some VHS tapes of past games for him to watch. No need, looks like there's a Milwaukee/Phillies game on. Yeah, go Phillies!

If you're reading this, please take a moment to pray for those more seriously affected by Ike. My heart goes out to all of those families displaced by this storm.

Have a great Saturday night everyone and stay safe.
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Anonymous said...

I do wish I could take some of that water from The Avenue and transplant it to my pool that has a hole in the liner, and Im loosing water. Nek dosen't seem too concerned that the pool was supposed to be closed two weeks ago. Sigh...Like Nana used to say "Water water everywhere, but not enough to spare."

Anonymous said...

Damn Ike fallout took out our cable Saturday night and it's STILL not fixed even tho it was promised by 6 today.

Since we were complaining about the rain I thought I'd add my 2 cents too. lol

the other 1 of 3

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