Thursday, January 22, 2009

You Are Soooo Going to Thank Me for This!

I subscribe to Life Script Healthy Advantage and everyday I get an email filled with health tips. I thought you'd all find this one rather interesting. You're welcome ;0

How to find your G-spot.


Remember this? -ell -e have a -inner!

Let me tell you, it -as very hard to pick the -inner.

Six made me laugh so hard I -et myself.

Nine -ere soooo close.

Three made me feel good.


T-o of you got the ans-er 100% correct.

The ans-er I -as looking for -as

"No More -"

Sooooo, I took all 20 names and tossed them in the back of the red plastic fire truck. Hey, it -as the first thing I tripped over -hen I -ent up to look for a hat.

Drumroll please...........

The -inner is:


Stacie, email me -ith your mailing address and I'll ship your prize -hen I get myself over to the post office. Thanks for playing!

Everyone else consider the aforementioned informational tidbit your consolation prize.

Don't forget this givea-ay! That dra-ing is tomorro-, hurry!

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That Janie Girl said...

Go back and view your entry...I can't get to the link.

Kristen said...

Congratulations to Stacie!

I'm going to have to click on that site when I'm home...I'm scarred to see what comes up at work

jill jill bo bill said...


way to go stacie. yea.

Anonymous said...

Watch out stacie! I'll be waiting at the postoffice to jump you and steal your prize.

*evil laugh*

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

The heck with the prize. I just want the G spot!

Alpacamountain said...

I am confused :) You start out telling my to find my g spot and then you start talking all wierd...and then somebody won something..?? I's really lost.
Yeah Stacie for finding your g spot??
jjbb, did you lose yours or was it really stolen?

Unknown said...

shut up, I won...will this prize help me find my g-spot, not that I don't already know where it is or, not at all.

Leah said...

congrats stacie

Anonymous said...

I watched one of those female medical shows and they explained exactly how to find that spot, certainly was weird I'd rather have a prize.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I've just arrived in the TWILIGHT ZONE. I know where my G spot's that place that Joe SWEARS is it.....only I don't think so. But the contest......I rarely (never) win anything.....maybe I should TRY next time?

GagayMD said...


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