Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm Tweeting

So last night I took the plunge and signed up for Twitter. Maybe my coffee hasn't kicked in yet, but WHAT EXACTLY IS ALL THE FUSS? I did this same thing 10 years ago in the NBC Soaps Chatroom. But hey, when in Rome right?

If you Twitter or tweet, follow me, over there on the right, a little lower, yeah there. I promise to bore you death over there even more than on this blog.

A Glitter Gurl Update:

Thanks to all of you who left a thoughtful comment about the little shit. She stopped over yesterday looking for food to visit her favorite mother because she loves me. The gash is not so bad, she has youth to thank for that. It looks sooo much better than the picture I posted, but I couldn't very well say, hey let me take an updated picture for my blog. Although I should have. It's still a little swollen, but the skin is closing up nicely and that 1/2 inch thick layer of Neosporin she's sporting should help. The gash on Newman's hand looks a lot worse and I can only imagine what the d bag who caused this looks like.

Quick question! Who's going to Blogger '09? Who went last year? Was it worth it? Can I get away with going for the events, but going home at night? It's in my backyard practically and I can save some beans. Hey! Anyone need a cheap room for the weekend? I have 2 spare bedrooms here on The Avenue. Some sleeping bags too. I could easily sleep 20 or 30 of you.

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Anonymous said...

I told my daughter when she was 17, YOU ARE NOT TO GO TO THE FOOTBALL GAME TONIGHT. I'd had one of those motherly premonitions. At midnight our fellow workers on the fire department called to say they'd picked up our daughter AT THE FOOTBALL GAME and she was in the ER with broken bones galore.

It seems the football players had run out of bounds during a tackle and smashed right into her.

To make matters worse, the ambulance men (knowing us, and of my premonition) started laughing so hard that they accidentally dumped her off the stretcher!!

If not for the accident, I'd never have known!! (It's best when you DON'T know)

Undomesticated said...

I'm following you over there now. :) I have a different name on twitter so I'll let you figure out which one I am.

Anonymous said...

PS. I'm gonna do a link-back to this post next week and write my story just like I did in my answer up there. At the top. See it?

Thanks for the needed material. I'm having a dry spell.

Cajoh said...

Don't know if I want to take the plunge yet— I don't have a cell phone and not sure if I would be able to keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I'm following you now on Twitter. I didn't do the Chat Room thing but I do like Twitter a lot.

AutoSysGene said...

I'm glad the cut isn't as bad as you thought!

I'm going to Blogher this it's in my backyard, too! :) From what I understand all the good stuff happens after the conferences. Getting to talk and network with other bloggers is what brings readers to your blog...if that's what your after.

I'm off to add you to my twitter. I don't get the idea behind twitter but you like you said "when in Rome."

Anonymous said...

I'm still considering BlogHer. I'm about 90 minutes outside Chicago. I can't decide but hard to pass up when it's so close.

Letti said...

So whats Blogger 09 you have me intrigued. I follow you on blogger. Keep up the great posts.

Vodka Mom said...

wait, I'm a step behind. Let me go back and read. Jesus, where the hell have I been???

Alpacamountain said...

I'm doing the same thing as Vodka Mom...I had to go back and read. I suck as a follower huh? Is this your daughter? Poor girl, in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ya gotta love the neosporin though, the stuff works miracles.
I'm kind of nervous for you. 2008 started out for me like your 2009. It was a bad year all the way through. eeeeekk.
I don't twitter or I would follow you. I can just barely blog haha.

Jenni said...

Woo Hoo! I call a spare bedroom!

I haven't gone but I would loooove to!

I am glad her head is better than it looked in that picture!

Enjoy Twittering...I still kinda don't get it but I do it because I think think it is BloggerLaw.

Anonymous said...

I followed Bhudda and Ipost here. So sorry about the forehead. Those things do happen and nothing you say can prevent them from getting into the situations. My youngest is now 18 and I've learned not to say "I told you so"!

I tweet, so I'll follow you.

Leah said...

dang, I miss a day or two of blogging and all hell breaks loose. Glad she's okay and the gash is already looking better. That's insane!

Lola said...

I'm following you now on Twitter too. I also don't understand it. Make sure you twitterfeed so that your blog posts automatically feed to your twitter account in the form of a link.

Regarding the Blogher conference, I'm less than an hour away and I really wanted to attend, but do you all know that the 2 day conference is $198.00? I'm not working, so that's completely not in my budget, sadly.

Julie said...

Oooh where and when is the conference. I don't get the big deal about twitter either.

Unknown said...

i'm on twitter too...follow follow.

where is the blogher thing? I'll crash on your couch, I promise to clean up after myself.

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