Thursday, January 12, 2012

Begin Shopping Your Way

I'm sure you've done a little online shopping at one time or another.  I certainly have.  I often find myself frustrated with websites that don't offer many style options or choices, or websites that are difficult to navigate.  I prefer to enter a link, find what I'm looking for and head to the checkout without having to jump through hoops.

Whether I'm shopping for a furniture console cabinet mirror or a low profile table for my family room, it's good to know that there is an easier way to let your fingers search for the best price online.

I just hope this recent snap of cold and snow doesn't cause me to search for a lowes generators sale.

Disclaimer:  This was a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.
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Susan Adcox said...

I love online shopping, but my pet peeve is being unable to learn what the shipping charges will be until you are about to finalize the purchase. Also, if I have a coupon code, I want to see the discount applied before I click the last button.

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