Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ready to Ditch Your Car?

The price of gas is absolutely ridiculous lately.  I work at home and use my car only for errands and pleasure driving.  Whynot and Glitter Gurl are fortunate to work near home so their commute is nice and short.

An e-bike is a good way to get exercise, save money on gas and go longer distances.  State laws may vary, but here in Illinois the rider must be at least 16 years old and wear a helmet. They do not require a license or registration and all normal traffic rules for regular bicycles also apply to e-bikes.

I'm not sure Whynot would be willing to try one of the men's bikes to save money.  But I could see Glitter Gurl cruising to and from work on of the sophisticated e-bikes.  The battery system has a range of over 50 miles on one charge.  She has a birthday coming up, I wonder if they come in pink or purple.

Disclaimer:  This was a sponsored post, but opinions are my own.
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Cranberry Morning said...

Aw, that takes all the fun out of biking! Ya know, the sweat and sore muscles. lol

Susan Adcox said...

Where I live bikers' lives are in danger. Thee are spots to ride for pleasure, but the main arteries that take people to jobs and stores are far too dangerous for bike riders. It's a shame.

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