Friday, September 23, 2011

School Bells

Sending a child to kindergarten can be an education for parents and grandparents, as well as for the little darling.  In just about a month, we've heard some very interesting stories about TOF's school days.

TOF's First Day of  Kindergarten

Augie Dawgs packs TOF's lunch everyday, sometimes he eats it and sometimes...well let me just tell you how it all goes down.

The first few days went without incident.  Ham sandwich, various snacky type things and a juice box.

And then we heard this:

How was your lunch today TOF?

I didn't eat it.  A mean boy took my sandwich away from me.


Yeah, he didn't like his sandwich so he ate mine.

TOF, don't let people eat your food.  Tell the lunch lady if it happens again.

I think the mean boy doesn't like Pa's bread (cinnamon raisin bread).  Can I have my sandwich on Pa's bread?

and this:

TOF, did you eat your sandwich today?

Uh huh.  The mean boy doesn't like Pa's bread!

and then this:

TOF, don't pick your nose.  Do you have bad boogers?  Do you want a tissue?

No, I have Play Doh in my nose!

What!?  Why do you have Plah Doh in your nose?

Well this werewolf boy...he's not really a werewolf,  just a boy who is a werewolf, but he's not.  He's just a boy.  He put it in my nose.

Augie Dawgs was at Curriculum Night and TOF's teacher mentioned what a great imagination he had and the wonderful stories he told her.  After hearing about his days at school, I shudder to think of the things he shares with her about his home life.
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Unknown said...

The fact that my eye went immediately not to the cute little boy, but rather to the misspelling on a SCHOOL-related sign indicates the level of my grammar/spelling sickness.


Sad to say, but now it begins......

Sadder to say: there's nothing you can do about it.

Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said...

Truly imaginative! I'm sure his teacher loves his stories nearly as much as you do.

Would love to hear more about Werewolf Boy and the cinnamon-raisin-bread-hating bully!

Yep, truly imaginative!

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