Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Road Trip-Part 1

I used to say that the true test of a good relationship was being able to hang wallpaper together.  If the paper was on the wall and you didn't kill each other, you had a good relationship.  But times have changed and wallpaper is so last century and so the test has changed as well.

Saturday, Whynot and I set out on a little road trip.  We didn't leave until almost noon, because...well, it's a long story...grab some coffee.

TOF had T-ball, Durwood had to work, meaning we would have to take TC to T-ball with us.  The child is like the Tazmanian Devil, meets Roadrunner and turns into a rabid raccoon.  He knows there is popcorn at the concession stand.  As soon as we get out of the car he makes a beeline for the stand and cries for popcorn.  He consumes 1/2 the bag in 2 seconds flat and then proceed to empty the rest piece by piece filling the bag with rocks and gravel, which he then throws up in the air.  This goes on before the first inning begins and then he stands outside the dugout crying, "TOF TOF ball!"  It makes for a long hour and a half.

I decided that instead of subjecting everyone to that drama, I would be a martyr and miss TOF's game so that I could stay home with TC.  Then I suggested that he spend Friday night at our house, so Augie Dawgs wouldn't have to wake him up so early.  Hehe, I knew he would sleep until almost 9:30 and it would be an easy morning for me.  Win, win for everyone!  Plus it gave me a chance to pack for our whirlwind weekend.

Harrahs Total Rewards has a promotion going on right now called The Great Race to Rewards.  We could each earn up to 60,000 reward credits for visiting participating properties.  So Whynot decided it would be fun to drive from J-town, to Southern Indiana, then to Metropolis and on to St Louis and back home.  I was a bit hesitant.  Fun?  Um, not so much.  I hate car trips.  They exhaust me.  Plus my long legs cramp up from sitting still for so long.

Obviously we survived, or you wouldn't be reading this.  Come back tomorrow to read more about our trip.
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Melisa Wells said...

That's actually a fun reason to take a road trip...Maybe Whynot should've thrown a few leg massages into the deal...

Cranberry Morning said...

Looking forward to Part II. I know that we take long road trips, three this fall! I hate riding in the car, but have to get out now and then just to feel like I'm still alive...and to get the circulation going in my legs again!

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