Friday, September 16, 2011

Road Trip-Part 2

If you missed Part 1 go read that now.

Why are you still reading Part 2?  You'll miss important details.  Go now and read Part 1 first.  I'll wait.  I have time.

OK all caught up?  Good.

So we set out about noon on Saturday and drove.  Well, Whynot drove, I offered, he said later if he got tired.  Grr, later when he would be tired, I would be tired as well!  Traffic was surprising light , we were making good time and shortly into our trip we saw the welcome to Indiana sign.  Traveling south on I-65 makes for a nice boring trip.  Cornfields and more cornfields.

OH LOOK, it's the windmills!   

Let's stop for gas and a quick burger.   

There's the Veladrome.

In 1993 I got my first and only speeding ticket, just outside Indianapolis.  I've never felt the same way about Indiana again.

Seymour?  Really, because there is nothing to see there.  Whynot pointed out some thoroughbred farm we drove past, I wasn't really paying attention.  I-64, 3 miles ahead.  What the what?  Bridge closed?  Construction?  Thank goodness for GPS.  We arrived at our 1st casino destination.  Horseshoe, Southern Indiana.

Do you want to gamble first or eat?

Let's gamble, then eat.

I walked around looking for a lucky machine, popped $20 in and cashed out for $110.  Sweet!  This is fun!

Time to eat.  We had coupons for 2 free buffets.  Paula Deen buffets to be more specific.  I was looking forward to it.  Now after the fact, it's a good thing they were free, because it was nothing to write home about.  The food was overly salty.  The fried chicken was good as was this potato casserole I tried.  Mashed potatoes, sliced potatoes, bacon, onions and green peppers.  I had seconds of the potatoes.  I also had some stuffed pepper, the pepper wasn't tender and the filling was runny instead of meatball consistency.  The buffet was disappointing and totally not worth $24.99 IMO. 

Off to our second destination, home of Superman, Metropolis IL.  Me checking the map. Yes, a real live map.  I-65 south to I-24 west.

Ohhhh, so that's where Santa Claus, Indiana is.

You know who's from Santa Claus, Indiana don't you?

No, who?

Jay Cutler.  You know who Jay Cutler is don't you?

Yes, I know who Jay Cutler is!  He plays for the Bears.

Very good!

It was a little after 8 or 9 depending on whose time zone you wanted to use and we were the only car on the road for miles.  We couldn't even play the license plate game.  Long, dark miles!  Long, dark, boring miles!

You want to stop and say hi to John Gotti?

Not particularly.  Thinking to myself, can you even do that?  Go into a prison and say, I'd like to see John Gotti?  What would I even say to him?  Hi you're the Gambino!

Just a few more miles.  Another gas stop.  Gas stops in deserted places make me think of that guy who allegedly killed his family not too far from our house.  And the movie Deliverance.

11pm-ish, we arrived at our destination, Harrah's Metropolis, where we would be spending the night.  Checked into our comped room, big, clean, nice King sized bed.  After freshening up, we headed to the casino.  Not good my friends, not good at all.  It's small and dated and the slots were tight.  Stole all my winnings and then some.  We went to bed with sad faces and lighter pockets.  I slept incredibly well, considering I don't sleep well in hotels rooms.

There's more and it's just as riveting, so please come back.
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I am so lost... and probably mostly because I can't get the next page to load which HAS part 1. And yes... I've tried repeatedly. Blogger hates me.

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