Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Friend's Divorce

Disclaimer:  This is a paid guest post, posted by Gaylord Campbell

My friend is getting divorced. It has been a very difficult time for her. When it first happened, I just tried to ignore the situation. I wasn’t trying to be a bad friend, but I didn’t know if she wanted to talk about it or if she just wanted to pretend everything was ok. I decided I would only talk about it if she brought it up. One day she finally told me she needed to talk. I felt so sorry for her. She said she was upset it was happening. During the days she was lonely and the nights were scary. I told her it would all end up better in the end. I would always be there for her and we would get through this together. I also went to and found her an alarm system to help with the fear. No one should feel afraid in their home. She is getting happier and dealing with it better each day. We were talking yesterday and she said she has found a hobby to during the day and the nights are less scary. I am so happy she is getting through this. She only deserves the best!
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Liz Mays said...

It really can be scary to be home alone when you're not used to it. I hope your friend has an easy transition. Divorce is misery!

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