Monday, September 12, 2011

Top Ten Signs You've Made it Big in Blogging

#10 A reader names their llamas after you!

Introducing Megryansmom and Whynot Llama

They belong to my bloggy buddy Marilyn at The Fat Bottom Farm.  I'm not sure who is who and Megryansmom was originally named Dolly, but when I told Marilyn how insulted I was that one llama was named Whynot and the other one was not Megryansmom, she immediately changed Dolly's name.  That's bloggy love I tell ya!

Marilyn tells me, as far as llamas go they're pretty good, even though the only thing they scare off (or try to) is the pig. She doesn't think Megryansmom is expecting. (That's a relief.) She may be barren and Whynot has been emasculated.  (I had nothing to do with that, it was all his ex-wife's doing)

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Unknown said...

Whynot is emasculated because Dolly (the once and former Dolly - when she WAS dolly) used to bitch and moan at him all the time so all he could do was hump the barbed wire fence and, of course, we all know what happens when you hump a barbed wire fence - emasculation. Perhaps, with her new name, she'll be friendlier - which will further emasculate him because, like, sure, NOW you're friendly.

Lisa Noel said...

that IS totally hitting it big in the bloggin world. I LOVE it!!

Melisa Wells said...

WAIT! What are the other nine reasons????

Melisa Wells said...

Signs, not reasons. Whatever. It's late for me. haha

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