Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Math

Is there a full moon or something?

I'm making a craft for Augie Dawgs (blogpost coming soon) and I have this spool of ribbon to use.  It says 4 yards.  I think to myself...awesome....48 feet of ribbon, there's enough to make 2 of this craft!

New math!

I'm sewing and my phone beeps.  It's GlitterGurl's Facebook status.  What?  Don't all of you subscribe to your kids status updates?  How else are you going to stalk them?

Anyhoo....her status says:
I asked a customer if they wanted a footlong or a 6inch..she says well how big is the footlong? SAY WHAT?! R U KIDDING ME? have no words
 New Math!
For the record, 4 yards of ribbon is not 48 feet, it's 12 feet!  And a foot long...12 inches lady!  
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Cranberry Morning said...

lol. Good laugh this evening. :-)

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