Monday, March 16, 2009

No Mojo Monday

Ackkk how can the weekend be over already, I only got TWO days. I had such high aspirations for this weekend without Whynot. My house was going to be immaculate and I'd have 50 lawn and leaf bags in the garage ready for Vietnam Vets to pick up on Friday.
Instead, I:
  • colored my hair, thank you Revlon ColorSilk #30
  • organized my sewing stuff and the closet in TOF's room.
  • made a taggie ball for the friend of a friend who had a baby.

  • watched 3 episodes of GH and one of ER and a Lifetime movie.
  • went to the thrift shop and to Walmart, nothing good at the thrift shop, seems everyone shops there now :(
  • forgot to buy coffee filters at Walmart, I have enough for a little bit, but I keep forgetting and one day there will be none
  • made a contribution at the casino :( and had dinner there
  • went over to Augie Dawg's to see TOF's new tricycle and to finish Glitter Gurl's tax return.
Don't forget to sign up for this awesome giveaway from Eden Fantasys. Speaking of which, Drew is busy pimping new bloggers, go see my buddy Dana. She's doing a THREE part review of the Snuggle Puss, I guess it takes longer when you're mature. I dunno, but tomorrow there's a VIDEO! Mark your calendars.

Anyone interested in guest blogging next week? Don't all jump at once. Come on somebody? Anybody? Please? I can always assign someone!

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Unknown said...

sounds like a GREAT WEEKEND!

Kathy B! said...

I colored my hair this weekend, too, and I only got a little on the skin around my hairline. Yay me!!

And that taggy ball is cute. Those are the best baby gifts :)

You're gonna have to assign someone!

Anonymous said...

Well, if you wanna send me your "sex kit" I can fill in on your site with obscenity and videos that I would rather not put on MY site. Just sayin'.

And saying that Drew is pimping out other bloggers.......kinda makes you wonder how much he's earning off of OUR reviews.....hey Drew! $$$$$$$$$ talks!

Akum said...

Sounds like you did't waste your weekend. Oh god.. I hate mondays

Anonymous said...

So, show us your hair my dear.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Anonymous said...

Wow, deja vu!

;o) lol

1 of 3

Miz Q said...

What a lovely taggie! You are so clever and thoughtful!

Betsy Hart said...

That is a cool taggie ball!!
Sounds like a good full weekend, they aren't ever long enough.

Lucy Filet said...

I would volunteer to guest blog, but I get all nervous and probably wouldn't be able to come up with a good post (not that any of them are that good anyway).

Sounds like a fun weekend. I don't remember what I did this weekend. Which I suppose is the sign of a good weekend;).

Deb said...

What day do you need a post?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

Oh! Can you post a how-to for that Taggie ball? It's ADORABLE!

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