Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fortune Cookies

I have nothing people, nothing! Nothing interesting to post. Oh yeah sure, I'm fine, no worries. Thanks everyone who asked if I was dead or sumtin'. No such luck Whynot, I'm still kicking.

I'm a Spring Break widow as of yesterday. Whynot is basking in the Arizona sunshine. Sort of like a last hurrah before he gets off his dead ass he hopefully gets this full time job. If you're praying people, PLEASE I beg of you to send up extra ones. It's been TWO freakin years since he's had a full time job. Yeah I really don't want to hear all that crap of recession talk, I've been living it here on The Avenue for TWO YEARS, so this is nothing new for us.

I did learn a few things about corporate America these past 2 years and let me tell you, if I had to do it all over again, I would become a consultant. I'd be rich, we'd eliminate some really STOOPID people and maybe even prevent this recession. Hey, it's my blog, I can think what I like. Let me just say NASA's $600 toilet seats and The Pentagon's $400 hammers have nothing on GM's $50 nut and bolt. And the headlines would read:

Megryansmom Single Handed-ly Saves GM From Financial Disaster

J-TOWN Just last week WAHM mom and Mema, Megryansmom helped avert another Chapter 11 filing all while changing diapers and making paper crafts in her Avenue home.

(And please don't anyone pee in my cornflakes now, it could have really happened that way.)

I thought this might be fun. All I did was copy and paste, I'm telling you my brain is challenged this week. BUT, I'm kind of curious as to how this is going to work, could be that I've only had 3 cups of coffee so far, anyway here goes, I just thought it was cute.

I guess you can say it’s an experiment. I would like anyone who reads this post to copy and paste this fortune cookie in their next post. Also, when you do it, if you can ask people at the end of your post to copy and paste it in their next blog post.

I'm curious to see how far this will go, how many cookies get out there. I think it will be fun, as we all can see where these cookies go. All I ask, if you participate, to write a comment so we all can track it. How to get the cookie for all us computer challenged people. Put the mouse over the fortune cookie and click ‘save as’ and it will go into your pictures. Then when you do your post, you can click on the ‘add picture’ symbol and there it is. IT will come out as a bunch of letters, but when you click, the picture will appear. If anyone has trouble, just let me know.

So let’s see how far this cookie can go, so go ahead, copy and paste and lets see where it starts here...GO!

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john said...

good fortune will come your Thanks for visiting me

jill jill bo bill said...

What a cool idea!!! I will put it on mine. Maybe someone will take it and run if I haven't lost all my readers by vacationing from life in general over the last couple of weeks!!!

Unknown said...

It's always such an adventure to visit your blog! Thank you!

Jenni said...

Good luck to WhyNot...I hope he gets a full time gig soon!

Vodka Mom said...

I came over for some coffee

Lucy Filet said...

I would put it on mine, but I'll forget. I have to limit my blog hopping to 30 minutes a day so that I can get my "real life" done.

So I won't remember, but if I do, I'll put it up:).

Cindy Lou Who said...

Eeww...I like this idea! I'm gonna do it on mine tomorrow!

Anonymous said...
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