Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

Just catching up on some TV viewing.

The number one question!!!! Where is Aaron? AND....We're supposed to believe that? That whole get on a plane and FLASH, we're on the island again?

Oh there's more, but my head is spinning right now. WTF Lost! ??? ^*&%*%&(($*^%*

Next show, has anyone else noticed the one thing that Claudia and Kate have in common? Besides wanting Sonny? They have friggin man hands. Both of them! Short, stubby, chewed up nails and man hands.

Is it just me, or do the scenes between Claudia and Carly crack you up? TWO Carlys, I swear I see them giggling in every scene they have together.

Same show. ROBIN! You are beyond whacked, this is not postpartum depression, you cannot stand the fact that Patrick loves Emma. You are jealous of your own daughter! That is just sick and wrong. Or perhaps you have multiple personality disorder, because yesterday you were cooing and loving up little Emma because she almost died, but was miraculously cured of pneumonia in MINUTES! I'd like that Dr's phone number at 2am so he can perform his magic the next time TOF is sick.

Again the head is spininng, there's so much more. Like all the fuss made about Dante and then poof, no mention and now Olivia is staying in Port Charles and has this posh job at the Metro Court. What experience does she have? I need a Jax to give me a job. But I really don't want a job, just the 6 figure income.

Finally, Damages! Who is this Wes character? Who did he shoot? Could Uncle Pete be any creepier? And who does Ellen shoot?

I hope that all these questions are answered before FX does something stupid like ABC did with Dirty Sexy Money.

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Anonymous said...

I love LOST! I don't watch a lot of TV but that is one show I don't miss.

I bet Aaron is with Desmond and Penny OR his maternal grandma. Kate could've figured out a way to make that happen. She only would've left him with someone she could trust and she'd know he'd be safe with.

Deb said...

I am now feeling left out, I don't watch these shows...I get the feeling I'm missing something!

Kaci said...

Ooo I haven't watched that show...I'm sorry.

Unknown said...

I LOVE LOST. :) I always feel like WTF after watching, but I keep coming back each week. ;D

Leah said...

I used to be big into LOST, but then the writer's stike happened and I found other ways to pass the evening hours besides watching TV and then just never really got back into a lot of the shows I'd previously watched. If you want to talk Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, or ER, I might have a few things to say, though. LOL

Debz said...

Related specifically to your GH references -
You should post over here with Mrs. Parks and myself
We could use another point of view. Oh, wait a minute, we all have the SAME.POINT.OF.VIEW.

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