Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life Is Grand

Harriet at I am Harriet honored me with this GRAND award.

In accepting I must list FIVE things that are grand.

Well the first THREE will be easy peasy, and the next two are not that hard either.

  1. My very first GRAND is TOF, who turns THREE this month.
  2. GRAND #2, a boy, due on April 21st.
  3. GRAND #3 due on September 13th, a sibling for TOF (think PINK)
  4. I think it's GRAND that Glitter Gurl has not yet produced a GRAND
  5. and even more GRAND that Ink Man hasn't either,
(at least not any that he is admitting to.)

Is your life grand? Go ahead snatch up that award and paste it on your blog, you deserve it!

And please come back, I'm not always this sappy, but holy crap, THREE grand babies before next Christmas is awfully GRAND in my book.

Ooo, one more GRAND thing that has nothing to do with my GRANDS.

Sited and Blogged had a giveaway last week and I WON!

Congratulations EC Credit Winners for January!
Megryansmom won 1000ec credits and Andreah @ Life's A Hoot won 500ec credits NEW GIVEAWAY WILL START ON MONDAY!

Woohoo!! One GRAND in EC credits!

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Kaci said...


I am Harriet said...

Woohoo! Looks nice on your site!

Unknown said...

awe!!!!! grandbabies....that is grand, and sweet, you big sap you ;)

Kristen said...

Yay YOU won!
You sure have a GRAND family tree :-)
I just might snag this one

Unknown said...


Dawn said...

I've told you before but I think you are an awesome mema!!

As busy as you are with Grand #1 you may have to give up blogging when Grands #2 and 3 come along! LOL! (I hope not!)

Congratulations on winning a contest! This may be stupid but what is EC???!!?

Anonymous said...

Yeah that was my question too -- what are EC credits and what can you use em for? I even went over to the site, but didn't find an answer.

Loved how you wove all your Grands together, cute post!

1 of 3, 2 where are you?

Jenni said...

Nice awards!!!!!! Wahooo!

Unknown said...

You are so GRAND!!! Great List!!!
okay i am tryin to figure out entracard i am signed up need to place my button my blog but i keep getting advertisments awaiting my approval...so i ignore those and look for blogs??? ack LOL

Leah said...

how exciting about the GRANDS in your life this year!!

Debz said...

Congrats on both your win and being "grand". I will continue to live vicariously through you and all your grands. Just remember, I like - no I love pictures. :)

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