Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why I Don't Vlog

So Saturday morning I get an email that says, blah blah blah, Don't forget to submit your video recap, blah blah blah, blah, get a $20 gc good for additional apps, blah blah blah blah and the winner will receive a prize package values at approximately $2000!

Oh what the heck, how hard can it be?

Let me just say, I think I'd rather have another baby without an epidural while having my wisdom teeth pulled out through my nose with a pair of needle nosed pliers!

But now it's done and TOF will get the gc in his stocking and maybe just maybe I'll win the grand prize.  Because if I do, all those LeapPads are going directly to The Mark Staehely Pediatric Cancer Foundation so that children undergoing cancer treatment will always have access to a toy.

And now for your viewing pleasure, the first and very possibly the last Megryansmom video ever posted.

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Terra Heck said...

I received LeapFrog products as well. They were well enjoyed by the kids. I didn't have the kahunas to vlog about it so I'm out of the game there. But I wish you all the luck.

Cranberry Morning said...

Boy, gifts for the 4-7 yr old. are sure different now from when I was riding my first dinosaur. lol Great video presentation. I can see you making videos and going viral on YouTube now! ;-)good job.

Meghan said...

You totally rocked that video sister! I love it!

Melisa Wells said...

You did great! I say you should definitely vlog again sometime.
And good luck: I hope you get the grand prize!

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