Friday, November 18, 2011

More Adventures of Glitter Gurl

You may or may not know, Glitter Gurl has taken some time off of school.  We're broke, she's broke, so she's working full time in an attempt to save some money to finish off her last year towards her teaching degree.

She's the manager at a fast food place I'll call, The El.  She basically does everything that needs to be done to keep two stores running efficiently.  The stories she tells could be a blog of it's own, but this one in particular made me livid.

There is a boy that works for her, I say boy because although he is 27, he is far from being a man.  Let's call this boy Bill

A little back story.  Glitter Gurl felt that the employee discount for personal meals was being taken advantage of so she notified everyone that effective immediately, their meals would no longer be discounted.  She went so far as to disable the key on the register.

So Bill is working one night and before he leaves, he makes the most expensive sandwich on the menu.  He goes to check out and is given a total.  He seems shocked, so the other sandwich artist reminds him that there is no more employee discount.  He has a bit of a childish fit and says fine, I don't want this sandwich and storms out the door.

When GG comes in to open the next morning she learns of the sandwich incident.  After her morning rush, about 11am, she calls Bill on his house phone (he has no cell phone, or just hasn't provided the number to his employer)  A woman answers and calls Bill to the phone.  Now mind you it's 11 am, Bill answers the phone in his just out of bed voice.

GG explains to him that he must pay for the sandwich he made or he will face disciplinary actions that may include termination.  This makes Bill livid and he starts screaming at GG that he's not paying blah blah blah.  Now, remember the woman who answered the phone?  Turns out she is Bill's mother.  Bill's mother takes the phone and in a very not nice tone and with lots of name calling tells GG that Bill is not paying for that sandwich.  GG, my bright and intelligent daughter, calmly tell Bill's mother, "Ma'am you are not my employee and therefore are not involved in this situation, so this conversation is over.  I will deal with Bill when he comes in to work his next shift. Thank you and goodbye"

When GG told me this story I was livid.  No matter how old my kids get I still feel the need to protect them.  My initial instinct was to claw Bill's mothers eyes out.  But after giving it some thought.  I realize that GG handled the situation beautifully and that I had some part in that.  I was so proud to have a raised a child with a decent set of kahunas and some class.  Something Bill's mother as well as his grandmother didn't.
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Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said...

What a smart cool-tempered gal you raised. Great job, Glitter Gurl!

I'm with ya on wanting to forever protect the kids. So wonderful when we see we no longer have to, though.

Have a great weekend!

Melisa Wells said...

People never cease to amaze me. What a set of jerks. Besides it being the principle of the situation in general that he should have paid for the sandwich, I happen to know that the sandwiches at
"The El" (<---still giggling) are not very expensive anyway, relatively speaking. He needs to take a crash course in human kindness.

Your daughter is VERY impressive. Smart girl! said...

That is my fear: kids at home at 27. I think I'd have to just sell everything and MOVE out in the night...

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