Monday, November 21, 2011

Good Night Moon

It's taken some time, but the boys are just about at that point where it is a joy to take them out in public together.  You just never know with kids how they'll behave or what their attention span is until you try.  You can't wait until they're 12 and expect them to just get it.  It's all trial and error at an early age and you have to be ready to quickly duck out of somewhere if need be.

With this in mind, Augie Dawgs and I were ready to jump in with both feet when the opportunity to see Good Night Moon came up.  We all love the story of Bunny and his stalling before bed, but this was so much more!

Charming characters that we couldn't help but love and a very colorful set with lots of surprises had us captivated for a full 65 minutes.  Alex Goodrich as the bunny had more mischief inside than TOF and TC combined.  Sara Sevigny as the Old Lady had her work cut out for her trying to coax him in his bed, while Becky Poole as the mouse coerced him into staying up way beyond his bedtime.  Aaron Holland delighted us in multiple roles as the clock, the fireplace flame, a cat and a dancing bear.

It was funny, silly, nonstop activity.  My eyes moved from the action in front of me to the giddy boys on my left, laughing and bouncing to the upbeat music and around the theater to see the same reaction all around me.  Then it hit me...this is what grand parenting is all about.  Creating memories.  Long after the toys are donated to Goodwill, the memories remain.  I want the boys to remember that Mema took them to the theater and we all had so much fun.  I want them to develop a love for events and time well spent together.  I'm excited about the possibilities and adventures that lie ahead.

After the show we were invited to go onstage to check out the set and props and TOF was over the moon thrilled.  His eyes grew wide as he explored and tried to figure out the magic of it.

Good Night Moon is playing now through December 23 at Victory Gardens Biograph Theater, 2433 N. Lincoln Ave.  Wearing pajamas is optional, but families are encouraged to donate a NEW pair of pajamas in the lobby donation bin to support the theater’s partnership with Scholastic Books and The Pajama Drive.  For more information, visit the website at Theatre in Chicago.

Disclaimer:  Theatre in Chicago provided my family with complimentary tickets, all opinions are my own.

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Dawn said...

You are a grandmother just like my mom is to my girls. THE BEST!!!

I would love to take Camryn to see Goodnight Moon if it comes to Tulsa. We love that book. said...

How cute! They did a great job on that set. Glad you guys had so much fun.

Susan Adcox said...

How cool! There is something about live theater that is unlike any of the other arts. I wish Goodnight Moon were playing in my town.

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