Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap

Halloween is over and I'm pleased to announce that we aren't recuperating from sugar hangovers here on The Avenue.

The boys dressed as Transformers this year.  TOF chose Optimus Prime for himself and Bumblebee for TC.

The boots are not part of the costume, they are hand me downs from TOF and TC wears them everywhere.  Be sure to look for them at CHITAG if you go.  I'm sure he'll have them on.

Is it just me or is Halloween celebrated for a longer time every year?  This year we had so many Halloween related activities, the pumpkin farm, two parties at the park district, trick or treating in the downtown area of a neighboring suburb, a Lion's Club party, a school party and then actual trick or treating last night.  So much fun for the kiddos, so exhausting for me.

We saw so many original costumes that Augie Dawgs has decided we're making the boys costumes next year.  And by we she means me.  I need to start brainstorming soon.

Here's the last costume I made for Glitter Gurl about 5 years ago. She wore it to work yesterday.

Pretty sure that' s not a costume her friend is wearing.  Party Pooper!

Here's a couple of really cute costumes we saw.

A Claw Machine

A Garbage Truck 

And this girl, WTH was her mother thinking?  She's 7 years old. 
IMO that is a bit too skanky for a 7 year old!

But it was not the worst costume I saw.  No, the absolute worst costume I saw this year was actually two different boys at two different events, both dressed as pimps!  Really parents?  You allowed that?  One had a real cigarette hanging from his mouth. 

I was appalled.  And trust me, it takes a lot for me. What do you think?  Am I a prude?  Would you let your kid dress like a little hooker devil for Halloween?
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