Tuesday, November 8, 2011

She'd Kill Me If She Knew

Glitter Gurl and I have some hilarious early morning conversations via text.  She can be a bit of a hypochondriac that baby girl of mine.  She would die if she knew I shared today's convo with you, but it was too good not too.  Here you go, complete with typos and all.

GG: Im not bein fumny I think theres seriously something wrong with my stomach. No matter what I eat or when about 30 mins later I get really bad cramps & then I have the cha chas. This has been goin on for over a week

Me: It could be s bug

Me:  Areyou using the shaklee

GG:  I was thinkinf that but when a couple days oassed thrn I. didnt know. No. not yet.

Me:  New vitamins

GG:  no

Me:  Areu throwing up

GG:  No

Me: R u eating something that has lots of fiber

GG:  I dont think so

Me:  Hmmm

Me:  Try eating yogurt

Me:  And bananas

GG:  Y

Me:  And stop drinking booze gives u shits

Me:  Y what

GG: Havrnt drank in awhile

GG:  y yogudt & bananas

Me:  Yogurt has good bacteria and bananas will replace the potassium youre losing

Me:  Try tums and chamomile tea

GG:  K...am I dyin?

Me:  Well yeah but not today.
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Unknown said...

And she asks you "Y" ?

Melisa Wells said...


Isn't technology great? Years ago we would've had to have these convos on the phone by actually talking. :)

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