Wednesday, August 3, 2011

They Need an Impact Sign

There's a little strip mall at the entrance to our subdivision.  There's a Dr's office in it, a Chinese restaurant, a college text book store, a super fast sub place, a hair salon, a tanning place, a gross pizza place, and a physical therapy place are there too.  There used to be this cute little coffee shop/ice cream store that GlitterGurl worked at when she had her first real job.  It was a mom and pop place that had a custom sign hanging in the window as well as inside.  Sadly the shop succumbed in this economy.

Just recently, in it's a place, a little convenience store opened up.  I was a bit excited at first, because it would be nice to drop in for something I ran out of, instead of driving to the big box store.  I also saw some ice cream coolers inside and thought it would be a nice treat for the boys occasionally.  Then I saw the signage going up and it was anything but a custom sign!

They tied a big orange sign around a tree to let everyone know they're open for business.  The signs in the window are a hodge podge mess and the pièce de résistance...a disco strobe light!  Someone really should have told these people about

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