Friday, August 5, 2011

Lazy Summer

I don't know where Phineas and Ferb go to school, but here on The Avenue we only get 90 days of summer vacation and school is creeping up very quickly to end it.

TOF starts back in 17 days!

I'd like to say it's been a productive summer.

I'd like to say I've accomplished all the goals I've wanted to.

But I can't!

Because I have been a lazy slug.

I drag myself out of bed at 5:55, kiss Whynot goodbye.  Pour my coffee, pop some pills and then I head to the computer to do some blogging before the boys get here.  I quickly usher them back to bed, do a little more computer stuff and then around 7 ish I hit the sheets again myself.  Where I snatch an extra hour or so of shut eye.

It's not like I don't have anything to do.  I could easily empty and refill the dishwasher.  Because, yes, I have been going to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.  Fly Lady, get a grip, it won't kill you!  Every time I've done it, I've lived to see another day.

I could fold clean laundry and wash more of it.  It's amazing how much dirty laundry two people have. 

But I choose to sleep.  Because these two boys are exhausting!  They. Never. Stop.  And they are always heading in opposite directions, often leaving a path of destruction behind.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not really complaining.  I love every minute I get to spend with TOF and TC. 

By the condition of the inside of the house, it's plain to see my priorities are elsewhere.   

Warning, deep, dark and startling confessions ahead.

I've only been vacuuming and sweeping when the dirt on the floor has actually started to make me nauseous.  And fuh ged about dusting!  I have occasionally grabbed one of the dirty t-shirts on their way to the washing machine and ran them along the stair railings or swatted them at some cobwebs.

I hang most of my clothes up to dry and instead of folding, I just go into the utility room and grab an outfit off the clothes line.  Whynot's stuff gets folded and sits in a laundry basket.  I've stopped folding his socks and just tossed them in a basket in his bathroom, he grabs what he needs every morning.

Sheets get washed and dried and immediately get put back on the bed before bedtime.

And now it's going to get gruesome.

Personal hygiene, eh not so much.  I'd rather sleep in than shower every morning, so if I can squeeze in a shower at TC's nap time, great.  If not some extra Secret and a splash of body spray are going to have to do.  Fortunately I have light hair, because shaving my legs, yeah too much trouble.  Bad hair days, I fix them with a ponytail holder and a baseball cap.

On the other hand, my flower beds are awesome!  We've even started building a new fire pit in the backyard.  The boys have been playing on the fort and swings, the kiddy pool they have here and a slip and slide. We have a sand table and water table and plenty of toys to go with each.  They both have a nice healthy glow to them and the sun has lightened their hair. 

We've gone to the library every week, where they earned prizes for turning in their reading logs.  We played at the nearby splash park, where we also enjoyed a picnic lunch with friends.  We've even gone to the Farmer's Market where I bought a new purse.

It's been a really great summer for all of us and so far no one has even mentioned that I smell bad ;)
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Anjie said...

You sound normal to me! I've tried to keep up my usual cleaning "schedule" this summer but other things are much more important (fun) to do! Enjoy the last 17 days before TOF goes back to school.

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