Thursday, August 4, 2011

Living It Up on the Avenue

While some of my bloggy friends are whooping it up in sunny San Diego this weekend, I'm staying home.  It just wasn't in the cards this year.  Sadly, no dineros, and no vacation time.  Augie Dawgs can't take any time off of work this week, due to a huge concert in Grant Park that her company supplies all the staging and scaffolding for.  Right now she's probably pulling out her newly formed grey hairs making sure all the materials get delivered on time. Heh, better her than me.

I have other plans.  They include something like this:

Somebody peel me a grape or pour me some ice cold lemonade.  That's me with the boys and it's the closest thing to a picture of me in my bathing suit that you'll probably see posted online.  I had to take that picture with my camera phone because I forgot to charge my digital camera batteries.

Disclaimer:  Boys images altered for their protection as this was a sponsored post.
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That Janie Girl said...

Me too, enjoying it from afar...

Unknown said...

Hanging with the kids isn't so bad. Enjoy your weekend!

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