Monday, August 8, 2011

Building Our Fire Pit-Part 1


51 Lanscaping pavers*
1 48 inch trampoline
various digging tools
a level
3 bags of river rock**
4 bags of sand
work gloves

Optional supplies:  2 strong shirtless man servants, a lawn chair and a pitcher of margaritas.***

Pick a really hot day to start your project and then find an area in your yard a good distance away from anything flammable, like the house, a fence, trees and/or bushes.  We have an eyesore of an area in the backyard that used to be home to 500 tons of pea gravel and the kids' playset that I thought was perfect.

This is where the trampoline comes in.  Now I know there are other ways to draw a circle on the ground, but necessity is the mother of invention and so we used a trampoline!  You may want to use a chalk line, just sayin.  I placed the trampoline on the ground face down and laid a layer of landscaping pavers around it.  Then with the handle of my shovel, I drew a line around the outside of the pavers.  But by all means do what you think is best.

Now do whatever you have to do to make the ground in that circle level.  I repeat, make it very level.  If you don't, you will stare at the fire pit from your window above the kitchen sink for the next two weeks and you'll be pi$$ed as $hit about the way it turned out.****

*1) The sign at the home store said 17 pavers will make a 4 foot circle, I wanted my fire pit to be 3 pavers high, so I bought 3 X 17 = 51 and I have 6 pavers leftover.  So my 4 foot circle is only 15 pavers around.  Maybe the trampoline is 44 inches and not 48 ???

*2) In the heat of the moment at the home store I thought 3 bags of river rock would be plenty.  Of course it wasn't, therefore I had to go back post sale and buy 10 more bags of rock.  You may want to purchase them all at once and save yourself about $9.

*3) These were not available to me, so Whynot and I did the work ourselves, stopping frequently to drink lots of water and wipe the sweat from our faces.

*4) Not that this really happened to me ;0  again, I'm just sayin.
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