Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mema vs Etsy-A Neck Tie T-Shirt Tutorial.

I like love Etsy.  Not so much for purchasing, but for gathering cute ideas.  If I can make it for less I win.  My last copy of an Etsy creation can be found here.  I'm always on the lookout for cute boy stuff, because, face it, there isn't much you can do with jeans and t-shirts.  So when I saw the neck tie T-shirts, I knew had to make one for TC.  I'm not sure TOF would wear it, but I'll be sure to ask him.

If you can sew, you can make one just like this for under $5 if you have fabric scraps lying around and in about 45 minutes or less.  I promise!

Shirt from Tarjay for $4!
Fabric leftover from TC's I Don't Need No Stinkin Crib No More room redo, technically free.
Iron on double stick fusible web, also free because I have leftovers from other projects.
Even if you had to buy fabric, you need very little, so your project could still stay under $10.

I eyeball a lot of patterns, I'm talented that way. Bwahahaha.  I imagined a trapezoid, grabbed the scissors and cut out a template using construction paper.  Then I cut out the long part of the tie and walla!  You can cut until you get the desired effect, adjusting for length and width depending on the size of your boy.

Now grab your fabric.  You only need a piece as wide as the widest point of the tie (in my case barely 3 inches) and as long as the 2 pieces together (for me, about 12 inches)  Heat your iron and attach the fusible web.  Place the template you made above on the paper side and tape it so it doesn't slide around.  I placed the long part horizontally and the knot vertically, just for a little variety.

Iron, let it cool and peel away the paper backing.  Place it on the T-shirt and iron on.

Now you're ready to sew.  Using a zigzag stitch, start in between the 2 pieces so you don't go back over previous stitching.  It will be easier this way, I promise.

 Start here, go up to the top


 All the way down and around and back to the starting point.

 Clip the stray threads and now you're done!

You can make this on T-shirts, onesies, even bibs.  But sorry girls, this one's for the boys!

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Kim Moldofsky said...

That's so cute or should I saw sew cute! said...

I love it! I want to start sewing again. Gotta dig out my sewing machine and teach Corinne...

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