Monday, August 15, 2011

Addressing Another Issue

Maybe you've noticed, I've got a little theme going on here this week. It's all about beautifying The Avenue. Well the outside that is, because the inside, well let's just say I don't feel like cleaning and scrubbing when the weather is so beautiful.  I can do that when there is snow on the ground and it's too cold to venture outdoors.

Just above our garage door is a piece of white 1 X 4 that holds our address numbers.  The paint is peeling a little and last summer one of the nails holding the numbers in place fell out and so that number was upside down for a few weeks until we noticed it.

I've been thinking of replacing that 1 X 4, so of course I've been searching online for more stylish address plaques.  I had no idea that there were so many beautiful choices when it came to shopping for house plaques.

Of course they are all weather resistant, but some are acrylic, and some are made of recycled aluminum.  There are several different shapes to choose from and I can match the background color to our blue shutters.  With prices starting at $35 I have no idea why I've waited this long to replace that eyesore!

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Silverfaerie said...

Small details, like the numbers on the house, can make such a huge difference in the overall impression people get upon seeing it from the street or approaching it when visiting. I've noticed that really great design always includes the little touches and they are what make it special!

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