Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Megryansmom's New Year's Rockin' Eve

No you won't find Ryan Seacrest or Dick Clark here, and it's not Times Square. Instead, at the threshold of yet another new year, I bring you a countdown of the best of my blog.
  1. My very first post
  2. My one and only guest post
  3. Husbands
  4. On winning the lottery
  5. Congratulations Barack
  6. About skipping
  7. Adventures of the Traveling Plate
  8. My Secret Santa exchange
  9. The horserace
  10. New Year's resolutions

and some Avenue traditions to ensure a fortunate and prosperous New Year.

  1. All bills need to be paid prior to Jan 1st, so the new year is not started off in debt.
  2. The eating of herring will bring money in the new year. This works for my mom, not so much for me.
  3. Wear something new, to make sure you will be well dressed all year.
  4. DO NOT do the laundry on New Years Day, it means someone may die.
  5. Kiss those dear to you at midnight, doing so will keep that love growing.
  6. Let the old year out the back door and the new year in the front door. Make lots of noise to scare away any evil spirits. Banging on pots with a wooden spoon works well.
  7. For the best possible fortune in the new year the 1st person entering your home should be a tall, dark, handsome man. Whew, I have all those bases covered with Whynot. Blonds bring bad luck and if a woman enters 1st, she brings with her disaster.
  8. Garbage should not be thrown outside, nor should you shake out your rugs on New Years day, or you will be throwing away all the good luck.

How do you plan on ringing in 2009? Adults only at the Waldorf Astoria? Or perhaps the Trump Tower in Chicago? Will it be a family affair at Disney World? Can you even stay up that late?

Wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope that this New Year 2009 brings you more happiness than all my words can tell!

Hey P.S. Mrs. Schmitty is having a contest and I'm a finalist! Go vote pretty please. I won't nag this time, if it happens it happens if not I'll just go back to sit in my corner and cry some more.

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Kaci said...

LOL! Do not do laundry on Jan 1!!! I love that! I'll have to tell Big J...wait okay I told him. He said nice I told him fine you do it...and if someone dies it's on him! LOL! What a punk!
XOXO Happy New Year MRM!!

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

Whoa! So glad I read about the laundry thing! Great excuse for not doing housework tomorrow! We are headed to a neighbors...within walking distance, tonight! Glad I met you this year!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Love the post. I'm love herring! I love how "not shaking out your carpet" on NYD has to be mentioned, because you know, so many of us absentmindedly happen to do that on new years day. :) Happy New Year!

Julie D said...

Happy New Year, Rita!!!

That Janie Girl said...

Happy Happy New Year!

Kristin - The Goat said...

The past 3 years I've cleaned out my closet on New Years Day. I usually do this while I watch the Rose Parade on HGTV (no commercials.) This New Years Day I have no idea what I will do - I cleaned my closet out last week! I won't be letting any blondes into the house! hahaha

Annie said...

Crap. I was saving laundry untiltomorrow! Yikes!
Happy New Year!

Cajoh said...

Unfortunately our common drain pipe has not been fixed— so I cannot do the laundry that has been piling up since Christmas… I smell a followup post coming

Leah said...

I hadn't heard of most of those before. LOL

Have fun tonight!

Linda S said...

happy New Year!!!

Alpacamountain said...

Yeah I am all over the laundry thing lol. I will be asleep by 10 or 11 at the very latest..
Hope you and your family have a safe and Happy New Year!

travel girl said...

Happy New Year!

Preston said...

I'm going to a late dinner with my friend Linda and then we are walking to Penn's Landing to watch the fireworks at midnight. Hope you have a healthy and prosperous New Year!

jill jill bo bill said...

So if I NEVER shake my rug out, I am good, right? Happy new year, MRM!!!! I love you!!!

Miz Q said...

Oh man, how will I ever remember all that? Guess I should just go to bed and not do ANYthing tomorrow lol

The only ones I know are "eat black eyed peas" for good luck, and don't take the tree down before new years.
I don't love black eyed peas, tho :o(

Like the new pic! Guess it's time for me to replace this reindeer, huh? lol

Jenni said...

I better get cracking on that laundry tonight then...

Happy New Year! It snowed all day and the roads are bad so we are just hanging here at home!

AutoSysGene said...

Is it sad that 2008 was so hard that I will be following this list to the letter? Well, I draw the line at the herring. blick!

Happy New Year! I wish my much happiness and prosperity. (I sound like a fortune cookie)

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