Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Have a Date Today!

Sunday is my anniversary and today I have a very special date! My best guy and I are going to see Laurie Berkner! What? You thought I was talking about Whynot? Pfft, that's not really his thing. He'll stay home at his online OTB and college football in the background.

I have to hurry and get ready, shower and make myself presentable per OHMommy. We leave The Avenue at 9:30, it's an hour long ride to the venue and we can't be late. 5 4 3 2 1 Blast off, another Rocketship Run. Love love love Laurie Berkner. Hey any bloggers in the Chicago area going? Look for me! I'll be the one with the out of control 2 year old.

But before I run off, I have this question.....did any of you send me a subscription to Family Fun magazine? My Secret Santa maybe? I know I didn't order it, because I always use a fake name to order magazines and I only get the ones that are freebies online. So if one of you was kind enough to send it to me, fess up, I'd like to thank you properly. I love this magazine, my subscription has just about run out, so now I'll just call and piggy back the two subscriptions and I'll be all set til March 2011. Sweet!

Have a great Saturday everyone. Relax, in 13 days this will all be but a memory. Lower the bar, you'll thank me later.

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Aimie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Hope you have a lovely time!

Jenni said...

Happy anniversary! We were BIG fans of hers back in the day!

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

Happy Anniversary! And no, it wasn't me!

Miz Q said...

Well I had to click on the link to figure out who you were going to see. With a 19 year old 'baby' and no grandbabies yet or any time soon, I am SO outta that loop it's really kinda sad lol.

I keep checking back today, just sure you're gonna fill us in on how the day went. Me - I keep sitting here looking at my lit but unadorned tree wishing there were some kids around to help me hang stuff. -- of course, they never helped when they WERE around.

LESSON LEARNED and here to share: LET THEM HELP! You'll be glad you did.

Leah said...

have fun with TOF!!

and that's awesome you enjoy the magazine. I haven't got a subscription yet, but I've thought about it a few times.

That Janie Girl said...

Happy anniversary - and have fun!

Julie D said...

Pssst...who's Laurie Berkner?

Happy Anniversary!!!

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary! Have lots and lots of fun :) Oh, and THANKS for the holiday card! What a lovely surprise :)

Debz said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

And if I lower the bar any further I would have to be a snake to get under it.

Kristen said...

Hope you had a great anniversary and date night!

Annie said...

Hope it was fun!

Tara Bennett said...

Happy Anniversary and have loads of fun! That's exciting you got a magazine as a gift. Someone likes you, they really like you! ;O)

Actually that's a good idea, maybe that's what I'll get a couple of my friends that I can't think of what they would like.

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