Thursday, December 18, 2008

Absolutely No Rush

None at all, slow down everyone, in EIGHT days this madness will be all over.

Oops, I almost forget....PLEASE go here and vote for tree #2.
Please, I'm down on my knees again begging.

One more thing, today is Georgie's birthday, all she wants is 100 comments. Genuine comments. So head over here and visit Soxy Deb, leave her some love and enter her contest, then head to Georgie's and wish her a happy 38th birthday.

I'll just be adding stuff here all day, it's just that kind of day.
Hmm I should add Mr Linky, but I have to go dry my hair now, seriously.
But coming soon, Mr Linky!

Screw Mr Linky, he's just another high maintenance man. Yeah so my hair is dry and it's not cooperating, whatever. We have a love/hate relationship. I love to hate it and it just flat out (pun intended) hates me. Oh God I just had a serious brain fart and totally forgot what I wanted to tell you. Well it couldn't have been that important.

I haven't done any of my housework AGAIN. Thank you Al Gore! But I've come up with a plan, GlitterGurl is off Monday and Tuesday and she's going to come here to help me clean house. Oh stop, she's not doing this out of the goodness of her heart, she's doing it for cold hard cash. Sheesh, just what kind of kids do you think I raised? Thoughtful considerate ones? You crack me up.

So since I have THAT plan of attack, I'll just sit here and blog stalk with comments about wishing Georgie a Happy Birthday!

I just saw this road sign and it's hilarious, well to me it is.

Welcome to Illinois,
where our governors make our license plates

Get it? No? It's loses funniness if I have to explain. One former Illinois governor is in jail and one is trying hard to get there.

Need a Gorem?

Or a Preyas?

Kids like those things? Glad they're not on any list I have. I want a Candy Land Castle game but Amazon keeps changing the price and since I know it was available for $5.99 I won't buy it until it's that low again.

Oh yeah, that brain fart is over and I remembered what I wanted to say.

Today's Top Yahoo Searches

1. Evan Rachel Wood
2. Jennifer Hudson
3. Cheryl Burke
4. Lindsay Lohan
5. Fudge Recipes

6. National Regifting Day
7. TV Converter Box
8. Wii Games
9. Pro Bowl
10. Snow Chains

Just seeing if that brings some more traffic here.

68 comments so far......carry the 6, remainder 13, we need 32 more comments for Georgie!

5 p.m. TWENTY MORE COMMENTS....pretty please!!!!

6 p.m. 9 more! Just 9!!!!

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Shelley said...

Amen to that.

Kristen said...

Love that card
Your tree is moving up!

Unknown said...

I voted for you-u have 72 votes now
TY for the Birthday wishes

Debz said...

I voted mom. ;)

Thanks for the linky love!!

I still have 4 mor people to buy for, what am I doing today? Nothing. I am such a lazy sloth.

Green said...

Oh, that card is the greatest! Visiting via SITS

jill jill bo bill said...

I am in for thoughtless anything. And that card---HILARIOUS.

Anonymous said...


Lost Soul said...

Heading over to all the links to do your bidding.

Jess said...

I haven't been here in a while because, for some unexplained reason, you fell off my reader.

Guess I gots lots of reading to do but I'll go vote first, before I forget.

Betsy Hart said...

LOL! I love it!!

And thanks for the picture :)

Leah said...

that picture is funny!

Debbie said...

How could you not have traffic when you are this funny? I don't even know where to begin. I, too, have a love/hate thing with Al Gore. Love him for this here internet but it sure does suck the time right out of a day. And the license plate thing - great!

Debbie said...

Also wanted to let you know I voted for you and wished Georgie and happy birthday.

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

I am off to visit Georgie...

Love that sign...a bit of sunshine in my otherwise sucky afternoon!

Kellan said...

I went over and left a Birthday wish - think I was #88.

Have a good evening - Kellan

Unknown said...

i love the card, that is HILARIOUS...and your random "thoughtless thursday" is entertaining...thanks.

Tiffany said...

Love the card at the top. And I'm with you on Mr. Linky - I can't make him work right.

Anonymous said...

I voted for you and wished Georgie a Happy Birthday (she already had 100 comments~ I was late). I gave up on Mr. Linky. I just can't figure him out!

Jenni said...

I voted and I wished! My work here is done...

Kaci said...

LOL love the card

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